Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 79

Well another great week here in Baltimore!  Conference was absolutely amazing.  I loved listening to all the apostles and the Prophet.  I remember sitting in the session as we watched them all in Spanish and just taking a step back and not only listening to what they were saying but paying attention to how I felt as they were speaking.  The power of the spirit was so deep in my heart that there is no doubt that these men have the authority to speak for god as if he were here.  I have been learning that as we prepare to hear the words of the prophets and for our spiritual meetings such as the sacrament, what we take away from the meetings will be so much greater.  It is all about our own personal preparation.  
Well this week was a sad week.  We had ups and downs.  The down's, We lost Misael and his Family.  We have literally been praying every day multiple times a day for this family.  Ester told us the past sunday that she wanted to be baptized and change her life.  She told us she wanted to have contact with us even if we were transferred.  Tuesday came and she said come back on wedneday.  Wednesday they werrent there... We called and texted, no answer... Saturday came... We decided to just show up at their house... Ester came in asked if we had called misael, we said no.. She said well I am sorry I have to go to work.. Her husband comes up the stairs and says that Ester just went to her evangelical church.. Misael texts and says he needs a break... We ask ourselves.. "What Happened?"  After all the miracles. After we watched the spirit testify to them,  Them cry in their seats saying they knew the book of Mormon is true and that joseph smith is a prophet.  Telling us they want to have contact forever.  and within one day we lost them??  I have been pondering this experience for a week now, trying to figure out what the lord has in mind for us to learn.  Why??  The only conclusion that I can come to is that this truly is the lord's work.  He will do his work on his time and we can only be instruments in his hands.  Our job is to invite as Elder Anderson Said in this last conference along with Elder Oaks, this is the time for members and missionaries to come together and invite.  To have missionary experiences.  It is our job as members to testify of what we know and to believe it.  Our friends may turn away, but those that accept it will be forever grateful like myself.  I have been changed by the doctrine of Christ.  I hope that each one of you will have a missionary experience this week and involve the full time missionaries.  They need your help so bad!!  Testify and your faith will grow. I promise :)
Elder Cornejo

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