Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 72

Well just another great week here in Baltimore.  
Crazy thing:  We say a crazy drug deal!!!  Literally 2 feet from us, within 2 seconds the crack was passed.  I feel so bad for the people here, that's all they do.. There is no hope.  As we walked a little further down the road, we came across someone that was already feeling the affects of the drugs.. She was passed out on the bricks infront of her house, looks like she wasn't able to make it inside ontime last night... poor girl and we kept walking...

Miracle of the week we found some of the coolest people to teach.  Everything lined up perfectly!!  So we went to teach a couple of menos activos but it was like 1:00pm and nooo one was home.  So we decided we would contact the referral that some other missionaries gave us.  So we set out not having a GPS, the onlything we had was the address and we were in Baltimore!!  That's like finding a needle in a hay stack!  So we journed and all of a sudden we see a member from out ward.. he needs some help!  So we help him and realize hey he has a phone with a gps... so we look up the address and think we've got the right address and so we set out in that direction.. Well we kind of have an idea of where to go, but get lost... All of a sudden, the missionaries that gave us the referral show up and they are 45 min from their house!!  Soo crazy we find them!  So we ask the, and they give us more directions.. We walk towards the house and come across another man and talk to him for a while.  He's not really interested but loves fishing... so we continue on our way to finally come across the house we had been looking for and it turns out that they just got home!! It was so awesome!!  They are such awesome people from guatamala and the timing worked out perfectly.  It was another great reminder that everything is on the lord's time and he is always their to guide us even when it seems like we are on wrong roads.

The temple was absolutely amazing!  We had the change to go thru and it was in spanish1  And it turns out that that same day, All of the branch from Frederick was there because one of their members was preparing to leave for her mission on Tuesday.. Oh man the spirit that we felt in the temple was something that I feel like I have never experienced before!!  It was sooo strong and I understand every word in the endowment in the temple.  Anyone who goes to the temple will know by the Holy Ghost that it truly is on sacred ground blessed by someone who had the proper authority from god.  I know this church is the complete church of Jesus Christ on the earth because it has the fullness of the gospel on the earth today and I am so lucky to be able to be apart of it.  If you ask the lord he will tell you.  I hope you have a great week
Elder Cornejo

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