Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 62

You won't believe the miracles we are seeing here in Baltimore.  Maria Isabel was able to be baptized yesterday!!!  At her baptism, a less active that we are working with was able to give a brief testimony on the importance of baptism.  After that, Alvin, who just recently was baptized a month prior gave the most powerful testimony I have ever seen or felt on the importance of the gift of the holy ghost.  His humility set an example for me which has been a continuous process, constantly trying to be more humble.  Maria and her entire family of non members was there.  We are working with them to try and help them follow her example.  Maria Isabel bore her testimony at the end and it was just so amazing to see how she didn't know a ton about the gospel but she new the Holy Ghost was there as it testified to her that she was clean and that the step she had made was one of the most important ones of her life.  Later that night she gave her testimony of why she joined the church infront of many other branches I had served in.  She has been such an example of how one can change their life.  We were just instruments in the hands of the lord and oh how amazing was it.  It was as if every slammed door, every rainy day, every crazy person that yelled at us, all the bad we had gone thru was worth it in those moments when she was baptized.  The reason I say that was because I was able to see first hand the happiness that had been brought into her life.  The hard times she went thru and now she really does have a clean slate.  I am soo grateful to be out here.  These 2 years will change my life.  I hope you all have a great week!

Week 61

Wow well this last week was definitely a mix of emotions.  It rained almost everyday last week.  My boots and rainjacket barely have any water proofing, But it's great because we have met some of the most amazing people out here in Baltimore.  The branch and the missionaries are working together more so than I have ever seen and it is truly bringing a new light to this area!!  We are teaching a lady named Maria Isabel Reyes de Jesus, What are the odds of having a name like that!  She is on date to be baptized on the 22 of May this following Sunday.  We are hoping that her family will follow!  We have been teaching her for a little over a month now and she is so prepared.  Also met Nicolae and his family.  The are some of the nicest most humble people I have ever met.  The came from Italy, made it to mexico and then came to texas and Maryland.  Talk about a 2 year trip!  That would be rough.  They have 2 daughters and they came because there was no work in Italy...  They say the people there are so nice tho.  We were able to share the restauration in Italian with them and the spirit was so strong.  He said when he came to the church that he had never felt the spirit so strong in any place he has ever been.  It really goes to show that even tho we don't understand all the words, the spirit truly has a language of its own.  I am in such amazement at how strong the spirit is in a lesson just when we have a member come with us and bear their testimony.  This church is so true. and the plan of happiness is such a blessing for the family.  I am so grateful to be a part of gods army for this short time.  I hope you all can find enjoyment out of the commandments that god has given us.  I love you  Have a great week.
Elder Cornejo

Soo your never gonna believe this!  The branch introduced is to a family from Italy.  They literally had nothing.  So everyone from the congregation donated something to them!! They barely speak any English.  They speak more Spanish but mostly Italian and Romanian!  They taught us how to make real pasta from Italy!  IT was sooooo good!!! Who would of thought I would be speaking Spanish to learn about the people from Italy!!  Their little girl taught us the colors in Romanian as well!!  In this picture we have people that speak: English, Spanish French Italian and Romanian!  How cool is that!!!

Week 60

Wow it was soo great talking to everyone yesterday.  It really brings you back to real life for a moment in time but now it's time to go hard!!  I feel like I am running out of time!  This last week was so wonderful.  We had 2 amazing lessons with our investigator named Maria Isabel!  She is looking to feel peace in her life.  As we testified of the Atonement last week, the spirit was so strong!  She says she notices changes in her life.  Everytime we come she feels the spirit so strong she says, I don't want you to leave.. but she is working towards the 22 of May for baptism.  It really is a blessing to see when the people allow the Atonement to work in their life, there is no possible way we could do this work alone!! 
Well I cant really think of anything more to say other than I love you all!  I am so grateful for this mission and for the support.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so real!!  Have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

Week 59

Well I am completely out of time.  This week was great!  The people are awesome!!  We have a new district.  Everyone seems to be soo excited about the work.  It is going to be a great transfer!!!  Sorry I have no time but I wrote this to Monet thinking of all the challenges we face in this life... So I have no time but ill send it to you.  What are your thoughts?  I Hope you have a great week and continue learning!  We had one of the craziest things happen I'll have to tell you about it next time.  Love yall!!
Elder Cornejo

Yesterday in Sunday school we were learning about the atonement and the teacher wrote 3 words on the board:
As he was talking the spirit revealed something to my mind that I had never thought about before.  Jesus Christ says, come unto me and be perfect even as I was perfect.  So let's start with the first part, Sin, obviously Jesus was perfect, but as he suffered in the garden of Gethamane he took upon him every sin that everyman and creature has ever committed.  So he has paid the perfect price for every sin that we have and ever will commit..
Now death: He died and everyman on earth will die as well to follow his example.  The same goes for the resurrection
And now Affliction:  Jesus Christ being the perfect person had to suffer more than any man ever know and will suffer in the history of time.  No us, being imperfect and even though we try our best to be perfect, there is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to taste of the same affliction that Jesus felt.  And since we feel of that affliction like he felt, there is no doubt in my mind that we will also feel of the same joy, the perfect joy that he felt when he overcame it all.  

It's all about the process.  In English after we take the steps of the doctrine of Christ, faith repentance baptism receiving the gift of the holy ghost, we need to ENDURE to the end.  I like the wording in Spanish better which directly translating states, "persevering until the end.

So a Mexican ship sailed to Baltimore from Mexico as a sign of Peace!!  They let us board it and look around.  It was so legit!!  Everything on it was beautiful!  I could even talk to the people that came up!!

Week 58

So quote of the week:  Can you believe we were walking thru the hood and this suuper drunk lady stands up and looks around and says, "I think I must be in da hood.. cuz yall be wearing hoodies.."  yep that's classic Baltimore.. Elder Scott and I looked at eachother, did we really just hear that??  

This week was really great!  We found a new person to teach named Maria and her daughter.  The are from the Dominican Republic.  Oh my her Spanish is a completely different world!!  And let me tell you the food too!  She taught us how to make some Dominican food, let me just say its probably one of the best tasting things that I have ever had in my life!!! Plus I learned how to cook plantains! :)  It is such a blessing to be able to work with such a wide variety of people from all over central and south America!  We have seen so many miracles and experienced so many great things, there is never enough room to explain it all :/...

Miracle of the week:  Elder Scot and I get to stay in Baltimore together for another transfer!!!  The best thing ever!!

We had such an amazing lesson with well everyone.  The spirit has been so strong here in Baltimore.  So we made friends with one of the coolest famies. "The Ayalas"  They invited us over on Saturday, and then again on Sunday so that we could teach the oldest sisters guy friend, quote from the lil sister: "Don't worry its a boo thang, not a thang thang"...  Yep and she didn't even grow up in the city!!  So they asked us to teach him.  Really you don't understand how much of a miracle that is when a member family invites you to teach one of their friends!  Best thing ever!!  So we meet him he is a little interested but not too much.  We talk and he just says ya no I'm not really interested but that's ok.. So then we go inside the whole family is sitting round about and we all are laughing having a great time getting to know each other so I say would you like us to share a lesson?  She says sure!!  So we share a lesson about the atonement!  The spirit dropped upon the whole house like a bom! Afterwards he was excited and asked us for a pamphlet!!  And another friend that was over was so excited about what she had heard and felt she asked for a book of Mormon.  I have often wondered what type of missionary i am going to be after the mission because I know that being a full time missionary just won't be possible.  This experience with the Ayalas really was a great lesson for me that being an example for non members and inviting them into members homes is such a powerful experience.  Just by setting the example as members, we don't know how strong the impact of our morals has upon the non members.  It may not always be their time but never be afraid to invite and set that standard in the home that you are willing to pray, bless the food have a lesson with the missionaries, and when the questions come, that is a blessing!!  Thank you and I love you!  Hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

So Felix took a bunch of goofy selfies when we went to Inner Harbor to play beach volleyball last preparation day.  It was awesome!!!