Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 77

Wow what an incredible week!!  We had Elder Dallin H Oaks come visit the mission.  In general conference he is so serious but when you meet him in person he is so funny!!  There is no doubt in my mind that he is a true apostle called of the lord.  The expeirence in meeting all of these apostles and talking with them is an experience of a lifetime!!

So we had a pretty cool experience with a family we are teaching.  They are literally the most prepared family i have ever met!!  They have the sweetest questions and are always wanting to know more.  So the parents are in their late 50's early 60's and Their names are Esther and Victor.  Their son's name's are Misael, Victor and Luis.  Their daughters name is Jimena.. Misael is living with his girlfriend named Andrea.  They want to get married but Andrea is married to someone else in Guatamala...  Luis is dating a girl named Paola and we are literally teaching the whole family!  The most solid right now are Esther and Misael.  IT is definatley a wild ride.  We were in a lesson with Misael last week and oh man it was the most spiritual lesson i have ever seen, had in my entire life!!  We had prepared a lesson to teach Alma 32, but the whole time Misael was just staring off in the distance...  So right after the prayer I turn to my companion and tell him hey we cant teach what we prepared...  He says, I know...  So we start talking to them and find that Misael is really struggling.  He begins to cry.  We explain that just as jesus christ we are here to suffer with him.  We begin to tell a story about to misioneras and their investigator.  Their investigator had been going through a rough time in her life.  With the burdens of school, work adn family problems, she couldnt bare add any more with learning so much about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So one day while in a lesson, barefooted this girl just gets up and starts running away... The missioneras run after her.. At this point she is crying and says just let me be.  The misioneras say let us run with you.  So they take off their shoes and run with this girl until all three of their feet are bloodied and bruised.  Afterward this girl turns to the misioneras, with tears in her eys and says, Thank you, thank you for loving me enough to feel my pain.  At this, the spirit was so strong, Hno Xochihua (miember friend) Begins to testify and to cry about how he and his wife are going thru a tough time in their life and cannot have children..  He empathyses with mMisiael.  In the end, We read Alma 7:11-16 and Misael was applied the scripture to himself.  He was crying and thanking god for answering his prayers.  He knows he has to repent,  He knows he has to change and we had the opportunity to watch god yet again answer another prayer with the book of mormon.  This book has so much spiritural power.  Now we are praying for them to help them reach a baptismal date and change their lives... Oh man i have so many storryes of things i learned this week but i hope each of you can ask a question and then search the Book of Mormon for an answer.  The book really does come from god so any question you ask, He will answer through the book.  I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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