Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 73

Another awesome week.  So many things are happening here in Baltimore we can hardly keep up with them all!!  It is so crazy.  Well we have been teaching this family Enrique and Lizet.  We had one of the most spiritual lessons with them this week but they decided they were happy living where they are at right now and don't really want to change Or get married...  Plus Enrique is apparently married to another woman in Mexico and living with Lizet who is 22 years younger than him... so I guess that makes sense.. But it was super sad to decide we would have to stop teaching them for a while, but after that we literally met the coolest family ever!!  They are from Hidalgo Mexico.  They were soo close to coming to church but had to work... Dang.. But we were teaching them and the spirit was so strong, by far one of the most spiritual lessons Elder Southwick and I have had together.  It's so weird that even though we get along so well, He's one of my best friends on the mission that its still hard to find that perfect balance in teaching together, saying the right things at the right moment and so on.  But we have another lesson with them tonight.  They took out their note books and were just writing down the things we said and they just loved it!  Such a blessing...
Jonathon should be getting baptized this Sunday, so we are praying that everything goes well with that and that we can continue to see him and help him prepare for a mission here in a couple of years.  It is so amazing how many people are prepared and how close his coming must be.  Yet no one knows how close he is.  I love this mission because I have the change to see and help and learn how to work with soo many different people.  Sometimes it stinks, learning all of your weaknesses but I hope and pray that one day, I can overcome them.  Something that I have rally been studying this week is just how perfect the life of Christ really was.  He set the example by action for all of us.  Our purpose in this life is to develop faith in him and repent daily.  Repent means  return, return to Christ...  I think that is the key of life to continue repenting, developing our faith thru our actions and helping others come to the knowledge that Jesus Christ truly is our savior.  So grateful for all the people that the lord has put into my life at this time.  I hope you have a great week!
Elder Cornejo 

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