Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 21

 So here is my last week.. 
So here I am, literally am in the best area ever! I have the most spiritual lesson ever, with the coolest less active family, by the way it was on how much God loves his children...  We have an investigator on date and one that has just started progressing and 2 more that have potential to progress... the members love us and are feeding us like 3 meals a day and I am just like this is sooo sweet!! I looove my mission!! Now I have an interview with the president! I got the coolest companion this is so fun.  Basketball for 3 hours last Prep day and now the next one is in 3 days life couldn't be better!! haha 
Then I go in for my interview and am so stoked to meet the new mish president again...cuz he sat in our district meeting a couple weeks ago... and we start talking about my ole comp in the mtc.  Then he starts telling me all these problems they've been having in Frederick MD... so I'm thinking why are you telling me this pres?? then he says we need you to go in there. Your new companion will be Elder Fisher and see if you can establish better relationships with the branch... I'm like ohh what?? I'm leaving?  I ask.. so when will this take affect.. he says tomorrow morning... I almost dropped... haha so we came Friday morning to Frederick and have been here fixing everything.... the apartment was trashed so we cleaned that for 5 hours... the area books haven't been updated since March and there is no contact info or addressed for anyone...  but I don't wanna go into all the details cuz I don't wanna talk bad but you get it that it has been a crazy last 3 days... The members... well there is always a lot of work to do but there are some Great members!! We had pancakes from this family and they were sooo bomb!! Apparently they feed us every sunday!! So it is gonna be soo sick!! I'm pumped and I got a sweet companion here!  We've literally made cookies for 4 familes now ahha and got some referals! So just getting that trust is what we are working on... It'll turn out great I think :)... and there is a gym here so im stoked!! And next Tuesday we need to go on exchanges since my comp is the district leader and I've literally been here 5 days by that time and have to know who I can go and see so I've been studying the area late into the night and early in the morning to find who lives where and what we can do to fix it! haha but its been super humbling and my companion is a great guy!  I miss Elder Leavitt in Columbia but I hope he has a great time... the guy that was here in Frederick went to Columbia "my area I came from" so he better work hard with elder Leavitt haha... anyway I am sooo stoked Quinn is going Spanish speaking to costa rica!?? that is insane!!! We will have to go visit him ;) haha anyway I gotta go, I'm out of time. Missions are so cool cuz they show you how to work hard and be efficient.  I noticed that our branch council talks for 2 hours but they talk only about the 5 calendar dates... we could go over that in 10 min... idk its such a good experience.  I love it ! Oh and my new address is 

Elder Cornejo

Week 20

So these past two weeks have been soooo great!!! The lord works miracles.  LEt me tell you tho I am soooo tired!! First I wanna start with a funny story.  So last preparation day I went into this random haircutter place to get a hair cut and it was these people from vietnam who couldnt speak english really well.  But the hair cut was cheap so I decided to get a haircut anyway... well they start talking in whatever language they speak Vietnamese or korean idk but then when he was done cutting my hair he starts singing and chanting in Chinese.  I'm like what the heck!!! then he starts massaging my neck while singing for like 5 minutes.  I'm just like alright man you do you... I got a massage, a beautiful chinese chant from a 80 year old Nam dude and he even used one of those ole fashion shavers to clean up my neck!  I'll say it was a well spent $14.  As far as miracles,  We met a less active, started teaching her, asked to do practice lessons, she had a super hard life but we asked her about her baptism and she just lit up.  Her daughter and her came to church this last week for the first time in a long time and we are having a family home evening with all of them tonight!!  Then we met this other family and they know sooo much but the temple scared them, which was a mirical in itself that they trusted us enough to tell us that!  I have to find the Continuous Conversion for them. They are honestly sooo cool!!!  Then we met the coolest family ever last week- ok one of them cus i always say that, but they are pretty awesome.  From Mexico -29 years old and live together.  He is less active and she isnt a member!  Well this week someone from my area in Annapolis that the sisters were teaching finally got baptized!! She was 18, so they took us to see the baptism.  She thought she was doing me a favor but she felt the spirit so strong at the baptism and was like man i wanna be baptized!! Heck yes!! but she wants to learn more.  So yesterday we had the coolest lesson of just answering her questions and showing her how the BOM relates to the bible.  Its gonna take time and we dont wanna press her  or anything cuz lots of missionaries have tried and no success! Its soooo weird cuz i
I was litereally in her exact same spot!! It's sooo cool.  She's awesome!! I'm so excited!  And then we have another family we are working with.  The 9 year old son wants to get baptized and they all wanna come to church so we are trying to mend burnt bridges there!! And then we spent some time at another families house this week and they have a guy in is 20s that lives with them that apparently hates the missionaries but he sat in with us and was interested in learning.  The entire family was shocked!! It was so sweet and then after this lesson, this lady decided that she was going to bring one of her co workers to the baptism in Annapolis and she liked it a ton so now she wants to start taking the lessons... wholly tolido its sooo cool!!! I love just how many miracles we are seeing.  People have soo many hard trials in their life and this message that we share helps with that because it really isnt us that share it, but those around us and God, cuz this is what he asks of us.  Its so nuts why would God, the creater of all the universe and everything ask ppl like us to work and try to bring his words to the ppl.  If he really wanted ppl to believe wouldnt he just do it himself?  My question is if he did that, what would we learn?  Why would anyone serve ppl?  Why would we help one another if God gave us everything, we wouldnt need anything... its is so crazy how many things just fall into place when we just do what he asks of us.  I tell all the ppl i teach, im not here to change your religion or your beliefs, i am here to share a message that has changed my life for the better.  Its a message that we cannot fully comprehend unless we put in the work and have faith that this is the complete church.  IF we really put aside out desires and thoughts and ask ourselves for one second, if there was a God and he LOVED me, loved me more than i could comprehend, what would i do for him? what would he want me to do?  My focus for this week is what would anyone do if we really understood that there was some all powerful being out there who loved us, what could we gain and what would that mean to you?  Have a great week! 
Elder Cornejo

Waiting for the fourth of july fire works!!!  My new companion is the one on the left with red hair.  Hes a stud.  We have a ton of fun!  I tell him he looks like the guy from the italian job.  You shoulda seen him with long hair!!!  spittin image!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 19

So this week was awesome!! I am soo short on time from trying to get caught up from writing everyone but I hope you all have a great week.  Fourth of July was awesome!  We had soooo many miracles  this week which I will have to share another time.  We got to eat at Cheesecake Factory.  We have an investigator going to a baptism which is in my old area in Annapolis this Saturday so im super stoked for that!! Columbia MD is hopping. There are so many Peruvians!! I love it cuz we talk about the things that Shelby told us about!   I hope you all have a great week.  Hope you had a great 4th of July!!
Elder Cornejo

Week 18

Cameron's new address is 10312 Hickory Ridge Rd Apt 226, Columbia MD 21044. He will be at this address for at least the next month, but it's always safest to send letters to the address at the bottom of the blog. That will always get to him. 

Columbia Maryland!!
Oh man it is soo weird being in a new area!  Annapolis was like my home!  Now I dont know anyone and the area is HUGE!!! and soo hard to navigate!! Good thing my comp has got a GPS! haha  Well this week was awesome!!  We had a miracle with this one family.  My comp said that no one was ever home so I knocked on this door 3 times super loud! haha  Well the guy ended up letting us in and he has a son that I s 9.  IT was legit cuz now he wants his son to be baptized.  My comp was super excited but I was like man we need to get this entire family to church.  So first step getting them in!  Now comes the rest :)  I pray he will continue to let us in... So I realized something this week that completely blew my mind.  We had so many wonderful experiences where we just happened to be in the right place at the right time and met all these awesome people and found a lot of less actives that my comp has been looking for forever!!!  Then I got to thinking about my family and how we always used to go fishing at eagle lake.  I would sometimes get so bored and ask my dad why I wasn't  catching anything.  My dad would then reply well you just have to be in the right place at the right time... BOOM it hit me like a stack of bricks... what did Jesus say to his apostles?  GO and become fishers of men... what are we doing?  Being fishers of men!!  Being in the right place at the right time to meet people.  That is what missionary work is!! And why its so important we always have his spirit to be with us to guide us to be in that right place at the right time, then all we do is reel in.... Anyway Columbia is great!! We had like 65 ppl in sacrament!! Its like a ward!! We even have a meal calendar and get fed every night pretty much!! I can't believe it!! Its soo awesome!! I love is when the members and missionaries can work together.  There are so many great people out there.  Just gotta find them.  Hope you all have a great week! Love
Elder Cornejo