Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 76

Wow what a crazy week!!  So we just keep seeing miracle after miracle and it is hard to remember them all.  This past week went by insanely fast!!  The Garcia family is still progressing, but they need to keep reading and praying to strengthen their converson.  Something that we have been learing is that when a person recieves their first witness from the spirit they don't need to keep praying to know if it's true, they already have recieved a witness, but to encourage them to continue looking to feel of the truthfulness of this gospel.  

I would have to say that the highlight of this week what when the seventy Elder Robert C Gay came and spoke to our zone in a zone conference.  I have never been more convinced of the truthfulness of this gospel and the pure spirit that these leaders have with them.  Elder Gay told us, you can only convert your investigator as far as you are converted.  Zone Leaders, You can only convert your zone as much as you are converted, And also Bishops and their councelers, you can only convert you're ward as far as you yourselves are converted.  That really put a lot of pressure on the leaders, but it just goes to show how converted the prophet and apostles are to be able to lead and recieve inspriation from Jesus Christ to lead this church.

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