Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 56

Happy Easter!!  I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I would have completely forgot about Easter but since my last name is Cornejo everyone calls me Conejo which means Bunny...  I was so tired yesterday after being out of our area in different places 2 days last week I guess I was super tired from all the traveling! haha  But everyone kept asking me, Are you tired because you were busy leaving eggs last night??  Where is the chocolate candy today?? It was pretty funny! 

Last week a Seventy came to our mission to help us better motivate the missionaries.  It was so cool because we were able to learn the way he broke down the scripture 2 nefi 32:3-5 how before our baptism the spirit will tell us all things that we should do and after it will show us all that we should do...  Then we were able to have a question and Answer.  Someone asked him, How do I get myself and the other missionaries to love the people more because it is kind of hard to love the people when they slam a door in your face...  Elder Carlson (the Seventy) responded, the only way you are going to be able to love the people more is if you have the spirit with you.  There is an unbreakable law in heaven where the spirit cannot dwell in unholy temples.  And our temple is our body.  So he gave a longer explanation but essentially said that we should be repenting constantly throughout the day.  The Savior suffered and died for our sins and afflictions.  He knows how we feel each day sinful and sinless, happy or sad...  So we need to call upon that great and infinite atonement and in doing so, in repenting each day after each bad though, the spirit can be with us as our constant companion...
I have applied this into each day and let me just say this past week of my mission has been one of the most spiritual weeks that I have had.  When we share truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit really is brought unto the hearts of the people until they have the opportunity to accept of reject it.  
After a lesson with Alvin and Brigit last night we really felt and have been able to see the spirit change their lives.  The are what the bom says as becoming a "delightsome people"  And I love them so much they've become our family.  When we do any type of missionary work we cannot help put to feel that pure joy that can only come from God himself.  I am so grateful for this mission and for your support.   Hope you all have a great week and spiritually prepare to take heed to the advice from the prophets this general conference.  
Elder Cornejo 

Week 55

Soo I'm completely out of time but this past week was great at the start and then it just got weird!  Everything we had started falling through!  Even Karen and Jose decided to move their baptism date to the future sometime because a lot of people started telling them crazy things about the church.  I am actually pretty excited about that though because before hand they were going through the motions and not really giving it all they had.  So now we are getting somewhere! haha  Alvin is preparing to be married and baptized this week so we are definitely working hard with them to do everything we can and pray to the lord for his help.  I definitely am so blessed to be able to see his hand in the work each day.  There are so many wonderful things happening here.  The spirit in the lessons it just unreal!  We met this guy named Will this past week.  He is 20 and super curious about the mysteries of god but doesn't really want to put forth the effort to learn.  So this past week we committed him to read about faith.  Then we start teaching him about the atonement naturally that comes after we have faith in god.  I then remembered an example on how to better help him understand the reason why we need Jesus Christ in out lives... It came from a talk I read a longtime ago and the spirit brought it to my mind... It is about how after we die we will be in a room with lots of files all around us... then we have the files of all our sins and we look through it and read it and are like oh man, I feel so terrible.  afterward Jesus Christ  comes and instead of us having to be judged for everything we have done wrong he takes the pen and signs his name over each sin we have ever commited and takes it all from us.  Writing it does not do it justice but it was such a cool experience because Will was speechless he was actually speechless! and the spirit was droped in like a bomb! Anyway great week so many cool experiences.  I hope you all have a great week.  Something that I read this week was March's Ensign letter from the first presidency:  It talks about spiritually preparing ourselves for Conference:  

I would like to invite all of you to spiritually prepare to receive revalation from this conference by coming with questions and seeking to hear the revelation that comes from the spirit for you specifically and not  from the direct words that the prophets say.  I love you and have a great week
Elder Cornejo

Week 54

Crazy Baltimore story of the week: We were walking and this guy asks us hey! yall missionaries!?  We say yes!  he starts talking to us telling us about his family.  He tells us about his son: 22 confirmed kills... we ask was he in the army.. nope committed suicide.. okay... you can see in his eyes that he is on some pretty hard core drugs... he says ya I gotta run looks down at his leg and his pants are just soaked thru with blood all around his ankle.  We are like what in the world?  He says ya I got a scratch... he pulls up his pant leg and there is a perfect round hole that is pouring literally like a waterfall of blood.  Whoa!! he goes yeah hope I didn't get shot again... again!?  Definitely a bullet hole...  poor guy doesn't even feel it... probably did it himself.. question mark?  #Ilovebaltimore!!  haha
But this week was pretty good, I got sick for the first part of it but the members took care of me and I received my first blessing in Spanish and understood all of it!  it was super cool!  We gave this blessing to this little girl named Catherine this last week and she was soo sick but afterwards she just stands up and is like I'm all better!  What!?  Super sweet!!  Jose and Karen came to church along with Alvin.  They are all doing really great as they progress towards their date of baptism on the 26 of this month...  
Our focus for this week was to really teach the doctrine of the Atonement.  When we stop believing in Christ and start Believing Christ, that is when we truly understand how to apply it to ourselves.  Believe Christ that he came to the earth and that he died for you individually makes it so we desire to do good.  When we truly understand the significance of the Atonement, we stop worrying about the little commandments that he asks us to do and in turn we understand how to best draw closer to him and help others do the same.  If you are looking for a great scripture on the Atonement, I would say Alma 34 :)  Hope you all have a great week.  Love you
Elder Cornejo

Week 53

Wow so many things happened this week I do not even know where to start!  I literally feel like I am living in mexico because all of the things that we have experienced and all of the crazy stories that these people have had with god is mind blowing.  
So we met this guy named Rigoberto and he can barely read and I don't know if he can write so we were a little skeptical about teaching him because they usually don't like to keep commitments.  But he is living with a women who is his girlfriend.  So the lady comes up to us and says what does rigoberto need to do to be baptized... we tell her the steps and she says does he need to be married?  We say yes... she says dang it!  we laugh and ask why?  She continues to tell us: Because I am married to another guy... Okay... she just told us she was pregnant with the daughter of Rigoberto... This just got interesting... She says, I don't want to hinder Rigoberto from being baptized but are you sure we have to be married?  We tell her yes, why does he want to be baptized so bad?  Well she continues to say that 2 weeks ago when he was praying he had this dream.  He was inside this big white temple and they were all wearing white clothes and he had her daughter there and they said they could be a family forever.... Are you kiiding me!!!? Okay, we just got humbled super hard cuz we weren't even going to teach him and now he is having visions and dreams about the temple!!?  She continues to tell us that he feels like this is a step he needs to take in his life and he is willing to do whatever it takes... Wow!  Miracle... It really helps me to realize that we are just the instruments in god's hands, and if we help these people to learn and know the Docterine and the scriptures, they truly will receive their answer in the way that god intends for them!  
PS this happened again with another guy!  Crossing the frontera, he survived and was guided by the spirit for 3 days without any food or water and he says he knows it is only by the power of god that he is alive.  
Something I have been trying to figure is how these people have so many vivid experiences with god, and the only thing I can come up with is that is how the lord best knows to communicate with them in their heart.  Such a miracle!!

Well I hope you all have a great week.  Look to the lord for guidance and he will help make the weak strong.  Have a great day!!
Elder Cornejo

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 52

Well this week has been full of so many amazing miracles.  Why didn't you tell me that JT went home... Man I don't have the news on anything anymore...  Well nothing too new, just Elder Scott getting hit on by the black women but other than that its been pretty tranquillo... Almost kicked a rat but those lil buggers are so fast!  
We are teaching this family named Alvin and Brigitt and they are one of the coolest familes I've met!  They are going to show us how to cook savichi this week!  Im pretty pumped.  She has been a member her whole life and has 5 children.  Her boyfriend Alvin is from Puerto Rico and he is a really humble guy.  He reminds me a little of Jake and Heather.  Its super weird.  I feel like we are chillin with the Spanish version of the Slonski's! haha  Also our Rapper family Jose and Karen came to church and they are doing really well.  They are soaking up everything like a sponge.  Jose Luis is another guy from Honduras and he is gonna teach us how to make some really good Honduranian food.  He is 24 and owns a ranch in Honduras.  When he goes back he is literally gonna be a millionair.  We are literally meeting such wonderful families and the spirit is so strong in each lesson we teach.  I have really been trying to pinpoint the reasons for the spirit being so strong in some lessons and not as strong in others.  To me there is no way that this feeling I have each time I teach Alvin and Brigit cannot be the spirit.  I am really starting to understand what the lord says in Ephesians 1: 3-4 

 3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

 4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

He really has chosen us before the world began.  The gospel is for all those that are willing to except it and only for those that are willing to let the spirit touch their hearts.  When I walk into lessons, I can literally feel when a person is prepared and it is only through the holy ghost.  This work is so true.  I love it.  I hope you treasure it and take not one day for granted.  

Some homework I would like to leave with you is read The talk by david a bednar, The answer is the doctrine and tell me what you think.  Hope yall have a great week.  Love you

Elder Cornejo

Week 51

The worst part about the mission, I never write down all the funny things that happen during the week, so here I am without a clue what to say!  

So we met the most ridiculous guys at the bus stop last week...  I think the were best friends... question mark?  If any of you have seen doctor Doo little, the two rats that he finds in the garbage can describe their personality perfectly...  I wish I could play over but words just wont do it justice!

So crazy miracle of the week!!  Remember Jose who moved to Puerto Rico the day after he was supposed to be baptized?  We have stayed in contact with him and this last Saturday he was baptized!!  I haven't been able to see the video because the link was on FB but here is what they sent me if yall wanna log in and find it:

I was soooo excited when I heard that.  The lord truly does work miracles!!  

As we were on exchanges with Elder Jeske, he had been having a rough week.  It was my first time trying to figure my way though the city and so I thought I was heading the right way but it turned out that I hit monument and Madison Avenue which is one of the most dangerous streets in Baltimore... whoops haha nothing happened but as we were walkin we heard a huge crash... cars get smashed all the time here... probably why we don't have a car...  I turn to Jeske and say you doin alright?  he says yea no worries (its his first time in the City)  So we keep walking and hear this shrill woman screaming... he's turns to me and says alright not gonna lie, that was a little out of the ordinary... super funny I love Jeske!

We finally made our way out of there to where we made it to our investigator's house.  There names are Jose and Karen.  They are a super legit family.  He is big into regaton which is this rap, Spanish style tpain type of music.  He showed us his video.. His rapper name is Klavo.. I guess he is on youtube!  He literally looks exactly like Tyga (the rapper for those who don't know I wouldn't recommend his music tyga's that is haha) but it is super cool cuz he is trying to go big.  The coolest part is he raps in Spanish and English!!  So we have a good time.  They've just accepted the baptismal date for the 12 of March so we are working towards that!! 

Miracles upon Miracles have been coming too us.  I guess that is why life is getting harder and harder here in the mission.  Everytime we see something good something crazy hits.  
Lesson of the week, the Holy Ghost is the teacher.  This week I had the opportunity to be touched very strongly by the power of the holy ghost.  This week, I really learned the importance of a modern day prophet and his 12 disciples.  We do not have to take their council, but if we listen to them with ears that will hear, what they say can provide us with the things we need in that exact moment.  No matter if it is missionary work or modern day life...  I have started reading the Ensigns and trying to listen to conference talks because I realized that even though I spend so much time reading the scriptures, the most important thing for knowing how to make crucial decisions in life is by following the council of the prophets and apostles, and to use the judgment of the holy ghost what applies to you in that moment.  I love the truthfulness of this gospel.  I love missionary work.  And I love helping people.  I hope you all have the opportunity to do the same is some shape of form.  Have a great week.  
Elder Cornejo

Week 50

So sorry I don't have a lot of time to write.  This week was full of so many miracles!  We have been so blessed.  Let me just say that Hispanic food is soo good!!  Ok so guess what.. Last Monday, we met this family from Equador and Puerto Rico... The missionaries had taught him a while back and he knows all the material, he just lacks the motivation to be baptized.  So second visit I ask him, if you know all this information why haven't you been baptized??  He says well he believes he has been a good person and all this stuff and then his wife (girlfriend) says oh cuz we are not married... not again.. haha so we talk and say if you had been married would you be?  After this huge uproar from the 10 different people that were there everything just goes crazy!! IT was awesome!!  then at the end we ask him these things to see if he really wants to go thru with this... the spirit was sooo strong... He says yes and wants to work towards a date, but first needs to be married... So here we go again!! The spirit is so awesome.. They even came to church last Sunday... Something that I have really been trying to focus on is resolving the doubts of the ppl we are teaching.  What is the why behind the reason they don't want to do things.  I find that there are 3 types of doubts.  One: People do not have the faith to keep commitments
2 it is because of a social aspect
3)  They have a problem with the doctrine... 
Knowing these types of doubts can help us to fix the problem and know how... I find that when ppl have doctrinal issues, they usually want evidence from the bible, when it is a social aspect, they usually want to overcome their trials with the testimony of a friend...
But I really feel that the most important thing even in life is to find out the why.  Find the reason for what ppl say and do and what concerns that they have... IF we understand that, we can all understand the best way to help ppl in a gospel or non gospel context...  I am truly amazed at how this mission will affect the rest of my life and the way I talk and act.  I am so grateful to the lord and all the support that I am given.  Look to the lord for help in times of need and he will answer... Resolve doubts and love.  Happy Valentines day!!  Hope you have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

Week 49

Sorry i am out of time... What miracles that we saw this week!! I got to speak at my first wedding ever.  In Spanish!!! and also in church and at a baptism!! What a crazy weekend!! Now back to Baltimore and we get to work with the 7 new people we found.  The Lord literally is helping us every step of the way.  I am so amazed... I hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

Best Weekend Ever!!!!
They Got Married!! And Baptized!!  Ohhh Whhhhhaaaaaatt!!!!?
Saida and Rudy are the illest

my new comp hahhaha

Just a cool pick of out cars last weekend hahaha it was fun!