Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 75

Ok so I don't have too much time but would love to tell you about one of the most crazy experience my companion and i have ever had.  Last night, We literally had 5 members all lined up to come out with us to go teach the Garcia Family but they all had to cancel..  The Garcia family is amazing.  We called Esther and she said, I am not home but my husband is and so is Andrea.. So we say ok we will go even tho we have no member to drive us...So another problem is, that it is a holiday, which means an hour bus wait..  Well we finally get to their house, knock the door, their huuge pitbul starts barking but nobody answers us.. Are you kiiding me... So we walk away thinking ok maybe next time we dont want to bother them on a holiday..  Well as we are waiting for the bus to take us back Ester and her daughter Jimena drive up and say hey elders, nobody answered the door?  We say no idk if anyone is home... She says yeah my husband is home come on over.. So as we are walking to the house we review our plan #setgoalsandmakeplans pmg... We say well she wasn't at church, we need to answer her question about what the beasts mean from Daniel chapter 7 teach the apostasy and invite them to be baptized...  So we go in and sit down with the family... We start talking about how she didnt come to church and really it is sad when we dont keep our commitments because that's what's god's asked us to do.. We then start teaching about the formation of christ's church and the apostasy and that's where Daniel's dream comes into play as he sees the 4th beast.  That 4th beast is just as undefined as it's animal... He sees the 10 horns that each resemble a kingdom that will be formed and then he sees a little horn which literally symbolizes the great and abominable church but undefinable which church he is refering to that nefi refers to in 1 nephi 22: 13-18.  We start reading that and testifying that we know that the book of mormon is true through the power of the holy ghost.  As soon as Esther started reading those verses from the book of mormon, I had the privelege of watching god work through us and through his scriptures to testify to her that the book of mormon was truly the word of god.  She instantly broke into tears as she started reading the book of mormon and found the answer that she had been looking for for so long.  We then were able to help her recognize that that was an answer to her prayer.  I have never felt the spirit so strong and throughout the lesson as this lesson. The change in her expression and the tears in her eyes, the atmosphere, everything changed. The lord truly changed her and she new it.  She felt it. She recognized the spirit and that comforted her to know that everything we were saying was true and from god.  It was one of the most amazing things i have ever seen.  She then told us that she felt that she needed to be baptized by immersion to complete what heavenly father wants of her.  She wants to go to church but is nervous that she doesnt know enough yet.  She has so much faith and has been battling cancer and it has just been a journey teaching this family... 
I cannot explain sufficiently with words how amazing this experience was.  Again we were able to witness a miracle as the spirit descended over her and completely testified of truth.  God is so real and the book of mormon is so true.  She was looking and because she was searching and asking thru prayer, god answered her.  Can you imagine if we would of gotten a ride from a member, we would of left right away.. Or if the ppl would of answered, we would have taught someone else and not ester, but god lead us to that exact moment to where we needed to be simply because he truly loves each on of his childminder.  Crazy.  I love you all.  Have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

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