Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 74

Well This is the only Picture that i have of Johnathon's baptism as of right now... the rest are still comming... hhaha We had a good time.  His Brother Joel was able to baptize him and then yesterday give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  Everytime i see someone enter into the waters of baptism it strengthens my testimony because i know that the spirit is so real.  That the feeling that they feel is so real and that there is no way this gospel can be made up.  Well transfers are this week.  I am staying in Baltimore with Elder Southwick!!  I am soo happy!  Literally the best area with the best companionship!!  We have a ton of fun.  Yesterday.  Misael and his girlfriend Andea came to church.  You will literally not believe this family.  Im not even kidding the spirit that we feel in each lesson the questions that they have, oh man I feel like i am sent right back to when i recieved the lessons.  She askes us about Daniel, so i literally had to go back and read the entire book of Daniel to understand where her questions come from... now they are onto asking us questions about revelations.. I have never been edified so much as i am in the lessons that we have with this family.. Last night we decided to teach the plan of salvation, the second half and you would not believe the things i learned.  Literally these lessons are so inspired that we teach..  The plan of salvation literally explains what she was reading right out of revelations... The milenium the second ressurection,  All this stuff that is in the bible it explained sooo clearly with the book of morrmon and the 3 lessons, the restoration plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am soo convinced by the spirit and by the doctrine that we teach that if all the people in the world would just listen to the true doctrine that is explained in those 3 lessons, , the entire world would change... the reason for it being so bad is because people dont want to listen and don't want to change.  But the people that do truly are the elect that the scriptures profeci and that we will see in the first ressurection.  I am so grateful for this gospel and the happiness that it brings to families if each will abide by its precepts!!  In other words, if we love god, we will keep his commandments and DO the things he has asked being, Faith, repentance, baptism by immerson and authority, recieving the gift of the hg by authority and enduring with faith and hope until the end.  I am soo certain that if we were to share our testimonies with just one person a week, in time the angels of heaven will prepare their hearts and they will change.  There is only one way to the father and that is through Jesus Christ and obedience to those 4 commandments.  I am so gratful not only for the lives of those around me bbut for the change i have seen in my life and for the eternal progression that is to come.  I pray that each will desire the same. :)  I love you!

Elder Cornejo
We had the change to race at the autobond gocart race track today.  My homie Adrian representing the California shirt!!  It was soo fun!  It felt sooo good to be able to wear a helmet, soo close to dirtbiking, but not quite!!  

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