Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 71

Wow what a crazy week.  We were all over the place!  We have been seeing so many miracles!!  This past week we were talking with our investigator named Jonathon.  He is 16 and his brother Joel was baptized a couple of years ago.  He actually just went with the youth group to Palmyra to see where Joseph Smith had the first vision.  Afterward he told us, "I was praying to know if I should be baptized and I felt this excitement of emotion in my soul.  I know this is what the lord wants me to do.  Can you teach me how to pray?"  I looked to my companion and was like, there is no way that just happened!! haha  Miracles happen everyday, we can hardly keep up! Arly, the daughter of Maria Isabel desires to come unto the fold as well and we are just meeting new people from all over the world everyday!  
We met this new family from Equador that Alvin and Briggit introduced us too and they made us pancakes!! I was so happy.  It has been soo long since we've eaten pancakes!! 
So crazy Baltimore story of the week, we got a call from Jose Gotay, they guy I taught from Puerto Rico when I was in Frederick last February.. It turned out his girlfriend who we had taught as well came down with some pretty bad cancer... She was admitted at the hospital in Baltimore and we went to visit her.. Long story short she had the surgery and is fine now but we liteally walked all over Baltimore trying to find where she was to give her a blessing... On our way to he hospital we find a guy sitting outside on a few stairs and he looks like he is about to pass out.  Then we see blood all over the ground surrounding him...  There was so much blood in on his arm and the stairs were just covered.. We later realized that he had pulled an IV out of his arm and was bleeding out right in front of the Hospital.. So we went inside and they were like oh ya he is fine he was just here,,, then we said.. actually their is blood everywhere!!!!  I guess it was a good thing he was so close to the hospital.. haha I am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the fortune that I was able to be born to a good family with people surrounding me.  I ask myself everyday how did I get so lucky!!  Anyway that just about raps it up.  Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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