Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 56

Happy Easter!!  I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. I would have completely forgot about Easter but since my last name is Cornejo everyone calls me Conejo which means Bunny...  I was so tired yesterday after being out of our area in different places 2 days last week I guess I was super tired from all the traveling! haha  But everyone kept asking me, Are you tired because you were busy leaving eggs last night??  Where is the chocolate candy today?? It was pretty funny! 

Last week a Seventy came to our mission to help us better motivate the missionaries.  It was so cool because we were able to learn the way he broke down the scripture 2 nefi 32:3-5 how before our baptism the spirit will tell us all things that we should do and after it will show us all that we should do...  Then we were able to have a question and Answer.  Someone asked him, How do I get myself and the other missionaries to love the people more because it is kind of hard to love the people when they slam a door in your face...  Elder Carlson (the Seventy) responded, the only way you are going to be able to love the people more is if you have the spirit with you.  There is an unbreakable law in heaven where the spirit cannot dwell in unholy temples.  And our temple is our body.  So he gave a longer explanation but essentially said that we should be repenting constantly throughout the day.  The Savior suffered and died for our sins and afflictions.  He knows how we feel each day sinful and sinless, happy or sad...  So we need to call upon that great and infinite atonement and in doing so, in repenting each day after each bad though, the spirit can be with us as our constant companion...
I have applied this into each day and let me just say this past week of my mission has been one of the most spiritual weeks that I have had.  When we share truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the spirit really is brought unto the hearts of the people until they have the opportunity to accept of reject it.  
After a lesson with Alvin and Brigit last night we really felt and have been able to see the spirit change their lives.  The are what the bom says as becoming a "delightsome people"  And I love them so much they've become our family.  When we do any type of missionary work we cannot help put to feel that pure joy that can only come from God himself.  I am so grateful for this mission and for your support.   Hope you all have a great week and spiritually prepare to take heed to the advice from the prophets this general conference.  
Elder Cornejo 

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