Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 57

Wow it seems like life is passing by and we are all just growing along with it.  I can't believe Carter is going to be married soon!!  One year brought changes and I imagine that the next is going to do the same.  Wow I am so grateful for the people that I have met and this wonderful calling that I had to be a missionary!!  This last week Alvin Collado was BAPTIZED!!!
It was so awesome to see how the branch accepted and supported him and his family.  And not only that after the class people were hugging each other and you could just feel the love that was shown between the members of the congregation.  It was something else 

SO Last night miracle.  So we contacted this lady named Elizabeth from Puebla mexico last week as we took a member out to a lesson he helped us street contact her.  So we did, she said she didn't believe in god.  What!! That was the first Hispanic that I have ever met that didn't believe in god!!! So last night we went over and I tried to "serve her" by making tortillas for her.. didn't turn out as well since I tried to make em by hand, but she liked em haha.. After we tried reading the story in Alma 22 where Aaron tries to talk to the king and say there is a god, but she wouldn't believe... But then the member bore his testimony and the spirit filled the room.  He told her that she needed to read the scripture and ask god if he is there.  she said that would be hard..  That part caught my attention so I asked why would that be hard?  She said because she hasn't recived an answer before... In that moment I felt the spirit fill my body and I was like Ammulik when he perceived the thoughts of the Abogados... I knew something had happened to make her not believe, so that's what I told her.  I told her I know you know there is a god but it is hard to believe because something happened that gave you an experience that says there is no god.  Then she starts crying and says yes because her child died and she feels so alone.  The spirit was so strong as we testified of the plan of salvation and how she would see her daughter again. 

I love my mission and the people I get to meet :)  Thank you for all you do.  Hope you have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

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