Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 54

Crazy Baltimore story of the week: We were walking and this guy asks us hey! yall missionaries!?  We say yes!  he starts talking to us telling us about his family.  He tells us about his son: 22 confirmed kills... we ask was he in the army.. nope committed suicide.. okay... you can see in his eyes that he is on some pretty hard core drugs... he says ya I gotta run looks down at his leg and his pants are just soaked thru with blood all around his ankle.  We are like what in the world?  He says ya I got a scratch... he pulls up his pant leg and there is a perfect round hole that is pouring literally like a waterfall of blood.  Whoa!! he goes yeah hope I didn't get shot again... again!?  Definitely a bullet hole...  poor guy doesn't even feel it... probably did it himself.. question mark?  #Ilovebaltimore!!  haha
But this week was pretty good, I got sick for the first part of it but the members took care of me and I received my first blessing in Spanish and understood all of it!  it was super cool!  We gave this blessing to this little girl named Catherine this last week and she was soo sick but afterwards she just stands up and is like I'm all better!  What!?  Super sweet!!  Jose and Karen came to church along with Alvin.  They are all doing really great as they progress towards their date of baptism on the 26 of this month...  
Our focus for this week was to really teach the doctrine of the Atonement.  When we stop believing in Christ and start Believing Christ, that is when we truly understand how to apply it to ourselves.  Believe Christ that he came to the earth and that he died for you individually makes it so we desire to do good.  When we truly understand the significance of the Atonement, we stop worrying about the little commandments that he asks us to do and in turn we understand how to best draw closer to him and help others do the same.  If you are looking for a great scripture on the Atonement, I would say Alma 34 :)  Hope you all have a great week.  Love you
Elder Cornejo

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