Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 51

The worst part about the mission, I never write down all the funny things that happen during the week, so here I am without a clue what to say!  

So we met the most ridiculous guys at the bus stop last week...  I think the were best friends... question mark?  If any of you have seen doctor Doo little, the two rats that he finds in the garbage can describe their personality perfectly...  I wish I could play over but words just wont do it justice!

So crazy miracle of the week!!  Remember Jose who moved to Puerto Rico the day after he was supposed to be baptized?  We have stayed in contact with him and this last Saturday he was baptized!!  I haven't been able to see the video because the link was on FB but here is what they sent me if yall wanna log in and find it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/960741520682794/permalink/969416769815269/

I was soooo excited when I heard that.  The lord truly does work miracles!!  

As we were on exchanges with Elder Jeske, he had been having a rough week.  It was my first time trying to figure my way though the city and so I thought I was heading the right way but it turned out that I hit monument and Madison Avenue which is one of the most dangerous streets in Baltimore... whoops haha nothing happened but as we were walkin we heard a huge crash... cars get smashed all the time here... probably why we don't have a car...  I turn to Jeske and say you doin alright?  he says yea no worries (its his first time in the City)  So we keep walking and hear this shrill woman screaming... he's turns to me and says alright not gonna lie, that was a little out of the ordinary... super funny I love Jeske!

We finally made our way out of there to where we made it to our investigator's house.  There names are Jose and Karen.  They are a super legit family.  He is big into regaton which is this rap, Spanish style tpain type of music.  He showed us his video.. His rapper name is Klavo.. I guess he is on youtube!  He literally looks exactly like Tyga (the rapper for those who don't know I wouldn't recommend his music tyga's that is haha) but it is super cool cuz he is trying to go big.  The coolest part is he raps in Spanish and English!!  So we have a good time.  They've just accepted the baptismal date for the 12 of March so we are working towards that!! 

Miracles upon Miracles have been coming too us.  I guess that is why life is getting harder and harder here in the mission.  Everytime we see something good something crazy hits.  
Lesson of the week, the Holy Ghost is the teacher.  This week I had the opportunity to be touched very strongly by the power of the holy ghost.  This week, I really learned the importance of a modern day prophet and his 12 disciples.  We do not have to take their council, but if we listen to them with ears that will hear, what they say can provide us with the things we need in that exact moment.  No matter if it is missionary work or modern day life...  I have started reading the Ensigns and trying to listen to conference talks because I realized that even though I spend so much time reading the scriptures, the most important thing for knowing how to make crucial decisions in life is by following the council of the prophets and apostles, and to use the judgment of the holy ghost what applies to you in that moment.  I love the truthfulness of this gospel.  I love missionary work.  And I love helping people.  I hope you all have the opportunity to do the same is some shape of form.  Have a great week.  
Elder Cornejo

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