Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 50

So sorry I don't have a lot of time to write.  This week was full of so many miracles!  We have been so blessed.  Let me just say that Hispanic food is soo good!!  Ok so guess what.. Last Monday, we met this family from Equador and Puerto Rico... The missionaries had taught him a while back and he knows all the material, he just lacks the motivation to be baptized.  So second visit I ask him, if you know all this information why haven't you been baptized??  He says well he believes he has been a good person and all this stuff and then his wife (girlfriend) says oh cuz we are not married... not again.. haha so we talk and say if you had been married would you be?  After this huge uproar from the 10 different people that were there everything just goes crazy!! IT was awesome!!  then at the end we ask him these things to see if he really wants to go thru with this... the spirit was sooo strong... He says yes and wants to work towards a date, but first needs to be married... So here we go again!! The spirit is so awesome.. They even came to church last Sunday... Something that I have really been trying to focus on is resolving the doubts of the ppl we are teaching.  What is the why behind the reason they don't want to do things.  I find that there are 3 types of doubts.  One: People do not have the faith to keep commitments
2 it is because of a social aspect
3)  They have a problem with the doctrine... 
Knowing these types of doubts can help us to fix the problem and know how... I find that when ppl have doctrinal issues, they usually want evidence from the bible, when it is a social aspect, they usually want to overcome their trials with the testimony of a friend...
But I really feel that the most important thing even in life is to find out the why.  Find the reason for what ppl say and do and what concerns that they have... IF we understand that, we can all understand the best way to help ppl in a gospel or non gospel context...  I am truly amazed at how this mission will affect the rest of my life and the way I talk and act.  I am so grateful to the lord and all the support that I am given.  Look to the lord for help in times of need and he will answer... Resolve doubts and love.  Happy Valentines day!!  Hope you have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

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