Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 55

Soo I'm completely out of time but this past week was great at the start and then it just got weird!  Everything we had started falling through!  Even Karen and Jose decided to move their baptism date to the future sometime because a lot of people started telling them crazy things about the church.  I am actually pretty excited about that though because before hand they were going through the motions and not really giving it all they had.  So now we are getting somewhere! haha  Alvin is preparing to be married and baptized this week so we are definitely working hard with them to do everything we can and pray to the lord for his help.  I definitely am so blessed to be able to see his hand in the work each day.  There are so many wonderful things happening here.  The spirit in the lessons it just unreal!  We met this guy named Will this past week.  He is 20 and super curious about the mysteries of god but doesn't really want to put forth the effort to learn.  So this past week we committed him to read about faith.  Then we start teaching him about the atonement naturally that comes after we have faith in god.  I then remembered an example on how to better help him understand the reason why we need Jesus Christ in out lives... It came from a talk I read a longtime ago and the spirit brought it to my mind... It is about how after we die we will be in a room with lots of files all around us... then we have the files of all our sins and we look through it and read it and are like oh man, I feel so terrible.  afterward Jesus Christ  comes and instead of us having to be judged for everything we have done wrong he takes the pen and signs his name over each sin we have ever commited and takes it all from us.  Writing it does not do it justice but it was such a cool experience because Will was speechless he was actually speechless! and the spirit was droped in like a bomb! Anyway great week so many cool experiences.  I hope you all have a great week.  Something that I read this week was March's Ensign letter from the first presidency:  It talks about spiritually preparing ourselves for Conference:  

I would like to invite all of you to spiritually prepare to receive revalation from this conference by coming with questions and seeking to hear the revelation that comes from the spirit for you specifically and not  from the direct words that the prophets say.  I love you and have a great week
Elder Cornejo

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