Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 53

Wow so many things happened this week I do not even know where to start!  I literally feel like I am living in mexico because all of the things that we have experienced and all of the crazy stories that these people have had with god is mind blowing.  
So we met this guy named Rigoberto and he can barely read and I don't know if he can write so we were a little skeptical about teaching him because they usually don't like to keep commitments.  But he is living with a women who is his girlfriend.  So the lady comes up to us and says what does rigoberto need to do to be baptized... we tell her the steps and she says does he need to be married?  We say yes... she says dang it!  we laugh and ask why?  She continues to tell us: Because I am married to another guy... Okay... she just told us she was pregnant with the daughter of Rigoberto... This just got interesting... She says, I don't want to hinder Rigoberto from being baptized but are you sure we have to be married?  We tell her yes, why does he want to be baptized so bad?  Well she continues to say that 2 weeks ago when he was praying he had this dream.  He was inside this big white temple and they were all wearing white clothes and he had her daughter there and they said they could be a family forever.... Are you kiiding me!!!? Okay, we just got humbled super hard cuz we weren't even going to teach him and now he is having visions and dreams about the temple!!?  She continues to tell us that he feels like this is a step he needs to take in his life and he is willing to do whatever it takes... Wow!  Miracle... It really helps me to realize that we are just the instruments in god's hands, and if we help these people to learn and know the Docterine and the scriptures, they truly will receive their answer in the way that god intends for them!  
PS this happened again with another guy!  Crossing the frontera, he survived and was guided by the spirit for 3 days without any food or water and he says he knows it is only by the power of god that he is alive.  
Something I have been trying to figure is how these people have so many vivid experiences with god, and the only thing I can come up with is that is how the lord best knows to communicate with them in their heart.  Such a miracle!!

Well I hope you all have a great week.  Look to the lord for guidance and he will help make the weak strong.  Have a great day!!
Elder Cornejo

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