Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 28 & 29

 have like no time this week to write, but I love you all and miss ya!! Hope you have a great week!! So that blessing I gave last week!  Guess what!! the baby doesn't need a liver transplant now!!  He is healthy!!!! Ohhh whaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How crazy is that!!! Faith!!! that is sooo cool!!! It's kinda like Ryan's experience with the blind man but the baby is healed!!  I love God! haha Have a great week! 
Elder Cornejo

Week 29
Ok so this week was sooo crazy good!!!  Alright lemme tell you, Miracles out the wazzoo!!  So I'll start with the coolest thing, so Quieten L Cook...sorry for butchering his name, came to our mission!!!!  I shook his hand nbd!!  We all drove to Annapolis stake center last saturday morning and when he walked in his head was literally glowing!!  He gave us some sweet advice!  And he left a special apostolic blessing upon our mission.  He told us that even though it is hard to serve sometimes that we need to be assured that when we are serving here that our family and friends back at home will be blessed more than we can imagine for the service that we are doing right now.  I can't help to think and just feel that by me being here, there is gotta be someone at home that will be blessed and it encourages me to work harder and harder each day!!! After the spiritual outpouring, we raced back home and picked up an investigator and less active all the way in Frederick and then got in the car and drove back down 45 min to Ellicot City to watch a baptism in a river!!  Our investigator then said he wanted to be baptized!! He dressed down for church but then something came up and he couldn't make it... So then yesterday we went to a Porque yo creo in Columbia and I found out someone that Elder Leavit and I were teaching is getting baptized next Saturday!!  So they said that the familia Soriano requested that we come down to watch it soo we gotta find someone to come and be baptized!    So yesterday I felt kinda sick. I had a fever but went to church and felt pretty terrible.  I love hispanics!! they see that I'm not feeling good so they just show up with random pills... I couldn't help but think of Shelby's ghetto experience in Peru where you tell them your symoptoms and they just give you medicine... that's exactly what they did.. so I took it!! and I felt so much better... don't know if it was bad or not but feel better now!  Probably was some drug.. I felt wired... idk if that's a good thing or not!  Sorry I've been so bad at writing, We never have time!!  Thank you Becky for writing me!  I hope everything turns out for their car.  Glad to hear no one was hurt... So I'm learning a lot, we have a ton of good times!  It's all good.  I hope all of you have a great day  Tell Quinn good luck!!  He's gotta lemme know how he is feeling!!  When is Chloe coming to the Baltimore mission??  That is soo nuts!!  Hope you all  have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo

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