Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 32

So I don't have a lot of time today but we had such a sweet lesson this week with the family Martinez!!  Saida has not been going to church after she got baptized in 2012.  So we started teaching her brother.  She stopped cuz her family didn't like her going.  Well she misses church because she has felt the holy ghost testify to her that this is the only complete church on the earth.  She has gone to multiple other ones and felt the spirit, but she says its not the same... So we have been teaching her brother Kevin and he is a punk!! He is like wanna play wigi board with me and all this garbage stuff and we are like no! haha It's funny cuz he says a lot of things that I used to ask the missionaries... Well this last week we made cookies for their mom because she is the one we have to get haha and we brought em to her and she opened the door and was super friendly with us.  Long story short, we started reading the Book of Mormon with the entire family!!! Now the other sister Nancy asked us for one cuz she wants to read it to.  The mom then invited us over for dinner and made us such a bomb Guatamalan soup!!! We were able to watch Elder Hollands talk with them on saturday and they promised they would come to church next sunday.  I am praying that they do because the gospel could help them soo much!! The feeling that you get when you teach is soo awesome!! I just wish ppl were more open! haha but that is ok!!  So funny story after the lesson, I get home and  it is a pretty storm night and I get a call from the sisters in our district that they are going to be home a little late... at 9:50 then I get this call and I was in the shower so I missed the call and the message that they left is that someone broke into their apartment and they are freaking out... So I call them and they say they are chillin in the car and when they went inside everything was moved around and they cut the power when they walked into their appartment... so I call the zone leaders who then call pres... within 2 min I'm on the phone with pres and he tells me I have to go check it out... Well Elder Ball who was in the hospital last monday wasn't with us so I was with my comp Elder Tolley and Elder ball's comp elder Ed Leon.  So we are like sick!! This is gonna be so cool!!  So confession there is a machete under our sink and it is so sick.  Elder Deleon is like lets bring it!! but I say no no, we are just gonna go check it out... So we drive at 10:20 and it is pretty stormy... We get there 10:30... and the sisters are terrified... we go take a look and I flip on the switch and no light.  Dang it! It's just like a movie!  I ain't going in there if I can't see!!  So I ask the neighbor if they have power and they say no.. so I'm like ok they didn't cut the power we are good.  They give us a flashlight and we search the apartment... IT WAS SOOO SICK!! I felt like a detective ahhah... ok clear no one there... so we let the sisters come in, Pres Christiansen calls me so I am talking to him... nothing is stolen  ok what happened?  The sisers then said oh all this stuff was in the closet, why would they move the christmas tree in the middle of the room?... I look in the closet and there is a valve at the botttem.. I think oh it was probably just the maintanence man trying to get to the valve!.. Sure enough there is a note that says, "hey sorry about the mess, we have to shut off the water cuz of the storm, we will come back tomorrow.  Joe"  The sisters were like Dang it Joe!!! how could you do this to us!!  I was like really??  Sooo funny  now if anything bad happens we just blame it on Joe... yep just another day in missionary life... tune in next week for our next mystery!!
Missions are hilarious,
Hope you all have a great week!!

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