Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 31

Wazzz up!! What a week! Wow where to start!  Missions are crazy!! So last week, I was with Elder Brewer training, we taught a bunch of ppl, it was awesome! All these ppl said they were gonna come to church, transfers hit on wed, Brewer went to Annapolis, I got Elder Tolley.. our goal is to only talk and say good things... haha. We got a new pair of spanish elders, I set them up, split the area book, made boundaries for them to teach, they don't  have a car so I'm working on that, Then we teach some more sweet lessons, Carlos agrees that he wants to be baptized on Oct 24, I'm praying for that!!! We finally get Diana to come to a baptism and she actually went inside the church! She loved watching it, but still said she couldn't feel the spirit, we blessed her house the night before...ummm oh had a sweet spiritual experience where I just got up from a lesson cuz the spirit told me to 3 times and went to another lesson and the spirit was soo strong there... Then Saturday morning ran a 5K and got sick.  We were in the ER all day today!!! But not for me haha the new guy in our district came so I stayed in the ER all day with him, but he is gonna be fine, he couldn't eat and was feeling terrible!! I feel bad for him but it looks like he is gonna be able to stay here and not have to return home so that will be good!!  Wow this mission is nuts!! I have so many cool stories but no time to tell them! We have to go meet some ppl tonight!  I don't have time to rest haha but it will be great!!  Lesson learned for the week!! Follow the spirit, when you are unsure what to do, pause, ask, and he will guide you, it's nuts!!  I've come to learn that the spirits voice is always the same, constant and calm... imagine someone that whispers... if they whisper at the same level, you can only hear them if you get closer to them, they will never change tone... so how do we get closer?  Seek and you shall find and knock and it shall be open unto you.  How crazy is that!! I've seen sooo many miracles this week!! I love it!!  I can't believe how true what we teach is!  I don't feel religious, I just tell em facts!!  Hope you all have a great week!! Love you!
Elder Cornejo

So I got this map that was here since 2004! and it has all the spanish missionaries from California since 2004!! Astle came here?  Who was that? Can   you ask them??

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