Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 33

Ok so I was reprimanded by a good friend so now Ive got to be more spiritual ;)... But don't worry I still love to laugh!!  This week was awesome!!  Got another new companion because well his companion got sick and couldn't eat any food so we are in a trio for the next 4 weeks.  It has been really fun!  His name is Elder De Leon and his mom is from Peru and dad from Guatamala.  Yet he doesn't speak Spanish?  Go figure??  Anyway we laughed a lot and had a lot of good times.  As for the spiritual side: hmm so Miracle!  I went on exchanges with another elder in the district and we went to his area..  On Wednesday We talked to like a million English speaking people and then I was able to talk to 3 Hispanics... well 3 days later we are walking to go visit a referral and I say hi to this Hispanic and he says I know you!  I'm like you do?  He says ya you talked to me in Frederick 2 days ago.  I was like no way really?  So he invites us into his house, we have a sweet lesson and he invites us back this week so we are going to go stop by.  Coincidence?  I think not!... then the next day we are walking along this street to visit a member that hasn't come to church in a while, but she is not home.  There is literally one person walking down the street so while my comps are writing a note to leave on the door, I feel like I need to talk to his lady.   So she is walking down the street when I yell to her and say, hey do ya like the weather?  She looks at me like I'm crazy!  Well I walk over to her and then we start talking and this random car shows up and she gets in.  They say we are going to a house do you wanna come.  I say sure!  I have no clue what to expect.  So we follow her in our car... It's about 7 so it's dark and we get to the house, introduce ourselves and they invite us in.  I guess we just walked into an Evangelist Bible study.  So they start doing their ritual thing and its very cool  Pretty crazy/different but cool.  When one person prays they all start screaming at the top of their lungs and are thanking god.. I look at my comps and are like whaaa?  they talk about david and goliath and they say AMEN like a 10000 times throughout the hour, then its time for a testimony... they look to us... elder tolley stands up and reads Mathew 6 to them!  It talks about how when Jesus comes, he commands the people not to use vain repetitions in their prayers..  They continued to say amen, but the energy in there was crazy!!  We met this really great guy after named Frank.  They gave us Salvadorian style tamales and frank said we could share more with him today.  It was crazy!! but really cool... the lord works in such mysterious ways if I didn't talk to that lady, we wouldn't of gone to the bible study, and if not we wouldn't of met frank!  I hope this all works out!  I hope you all have a great week and just know that the lord is so real!  He helps me learn Spanish and do all these great things.  My ponderizer scripture for this week is Alma 14:11  from the Book of Mormon... I always wanted to know why god lets bad things happen to innocent people.  The scriptures really are the words of God.  Read them and ponderize.  Have a great week!! 
Elder Cornejo

I hate planning
I don't remember if I told you the story of this guy but we were just walking down the street and this ice cream truck pulls up and this guy swings the door open! runs out of the house and says ICE CREAM!!!!! at the top of his lungs!! He then pushes to the front of the line and cuts off all the kids.  Soooo funny!!

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