Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 30

Hey how's it goin!  Well this week was crazy!!  So ok I can't hold it in any longer. Guess what!!!! I wrote Elder Holland this WEEK!!!  So Tuesday right, I meet the 1st counselor to the stake president who just says that he is going to be meeting with Elder Holland in 2 days!!  So I casually go up to him after and ask him to thank elder holland for me for the talk he gave in general conference and he says well why don't you write him a letter?  So I do and I gave it to him thursday and he said that he was going to personally hand deliver it to Elder Holland!!!!!! how crazy is that!! I know! I was soo pumped, I've been waiting all week to tell you cuz you know how cool that is!!?  Anyway this week had soo many miracles!  We started teaching a family and they are soo golden.  The baptism we went to last week, kevin may sleep for days and forget about our appointments but he is a really great guy... although none of our investigators showed up at church, it was ok because we need to be on the Lords time and not our own.  I would say that was the biggest lesson I learned this week.  Be patient and on the Lords time.  Hmm what else soo  So funny story for you.  For me at the time it was hard.. So our branch president calls up friday night and asks us to meet him for a missionary meeting on saturday at 2:30.  So we clean the park up all morning rush home, change out clothes to our white shirt and I have my tan pants and shoes and we rush over to the church and it is 2:35 when we get there, so we are kind of late and there are a lot of cars in the parking lot, so we walk in and there is nobody to be seen, so we walk around the church for about 10 min until finally we come to the high council man's door.  We put our head to the door and hear voices... so we knock, not thinking and a man opens the door and says come in... so we just walked into a meeting 15 min late, everyone in there has suits on, our missionary zone leaders are there and they give us the most confused look like where are your suit jackets, our mission president, the stake president, his counselor, and all the 8 bishops and missionary leaders in the entire stake of Frederick!!  All of them look at us and I am just like ohhhh nooooo... 15 minutes late and we don't have our suit jackets and we aren't even supposed to be there, but we subbed in for our ward mission leader cuz he never does anything so its ok! haha man most embarasing moment on my mission yet!!! But it turned out all good!  Stake conference was good... Keep the sabbath day holy! You will be blessed, more so than those that don't, fact not fiction...test it!... but transfers are this week! Elder Brewer, my trainee is leaving!  Another elder is coming here, I hear a little bit of disobedience but we will have to see... and we are getting 2 new elders in the district so I'm pumped but now we'll have 10 elders and sisters in this district.. I gonna be even more busy!  It's gonna be great tho :).. I feel like I was just  writing about training, now it's 6 weeks later! So nuts!! Well thing to work on for me this week, Obedience.. because with obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles.  We gotta help these ppl, that's literally what I eat sleep and breath.. all I can think about is seeing how I can help these ppl and I find that my own problems seem to deminish.. I would encourage all of you to watch the mormon message, Lift this week.  Lemme know what you think :)  Have a great week!!
Elder Cornejo 

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