Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 27

Waz up!  How is everyone doing?
So this week was super good.  We taught 23 lessons this week!!  That's soo crazy especially for spanish work in the states!!  I'm literally praying so hard for 1 on our 11 investigators to come to church!  We had so many that said oh yes I will be there and not one of them showed! :(  I was like are you kidding me!!  Why do ppl have agency! haha but its so good!  But then we had this guy named carlos and he told us he couldnt make it and then we hit the 3rd hour which is sacrament and he comes!! He left work early all the way in Virginia just to make it!! I was sooo happy!! He is such a boss!!  And after we had this money lesson with Gregorio, the one that lives in Damascus MD and he was just saying I want to go so bad but my wife just doesn't want to go.  I had to of course tell him that whenever I went dirt biking, unless I loaded the trailer, packed all the dirt bike bags and then went to my dad and said ok everything is packed all you have to do is drive, that is when we went riding!!  He liked that idea and said that next week he was going to load up everything and say ok Esposa all you have to do is come and sit in the car!  We have another lesson with him on tuesday and that is a miracle cuz he didn't even want to meet with us last night,  I think it was cuz he felt guilty for not answering out texts.   We didn't care!!  So I took an elder with me on exchanges this week and he is still in his first 2 transfers and it was one of the funnest exchanges ever!!  He couldn't believe we could knock a hispanic door at 8:55 at night!  Or ask for a bottle of water and they would just go inside and get us one no matter who it is, even if we just met them!!  The culture is just soo humble it is soo awesome!!  So I have a miracle to tell about this blessing we gave this week and wow it is soo cool but I'm like out of time to write!!  So we get this call at 9:30 am this week from our branch president and he is like hey I need you at my house there is a lady there that needs a blessing.  So we go and it turns out that it is this family that is not members of the church and they are there with their little baby and he has this feeding tube hooked to him and he needs a liver transplant or something I didn't understand the spanish word they used but anyway this baby looks so sick and the mom is just in tears and the dad is looking so sad it's almost like that story of how the man is desperatly bringing his kid to be heald by Jesus.  Now I'm not comparing anything we did to Jesus but we anointed and gave this baby a blessing and I'm not kidding you everything starts going crazy as we bless this baby!! Phones start ringing, tv's are on,. the baby is crying the other kids starty screaming all while I'm trying to hear the words of the Lord in spanish!! One of the most ridiculously distracting blessings I've ever given but after, color returns to the baby's face and he looks healthy!! The parents were like what the heck!!  It was sooo nuts!! They were so thankful!!  It was something I def wanna remember.  Missions are crazy cool!  I love em!!  I love you all  I have to go but I hope everyone has a great week!  Take care of the gym for me!  And ya see ya!!  Love
Elder Cornejo

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