Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 17

I'm losing track of the weeks!!  They go by so fast!  It's transfers already!! And I am leaving my first area!!!  I am headed to Columbia Maryland.  It's where the Mission President lives so I have to be on my toes haha.  So its been so hard to try and find investigators.  I swear I've met and knocked on every hispanics door in Annapolis.  My companion is going home this transfer and I leave Annapolis so that means time to update the records!! White wash!! I'll let you know my new mailing address next week!!  I fasted all day and prayed all week to try and find new investigators and once I broke my fast, last night I got called to Columbia so maybe that is where the Lord needs me.  I am soo excited!! This last week was awesome too.  We had a miracle with a man named Pablo.  We found him in the park and were able to teach him a lesson.  He is a champ.  He still wouldn't give us his address but he wants to meet in the park so thats where we are going to teach him today!   It was a miracle!!!  I cannot believe we just stumpled accross him!!  So we had a priesthood meeting this week on saturday night and I began to think of Travis Biggs a lot.  He is the best young mens president ever!!  We have really been trying to get member involvement and how they can just do little things to get people more exposed to the goodness of this church!  He taught me a lot and I just think of his example and think there are so many little things he did like meet someone at a church building to carpool or stuff like that.  The missionaries really need the help of the members because without them we try and find people all day and would you let in some weird stranger that knocked on your door telling asking to share a message about Christ? I know I'd be weirded out but it is the example that we set that helps so much.  I love it!  I'm learning a ton on how to teach so ppl can understand and spanish is comin.  We have had so many miracles and i just cannot see how these miracles can come from anywhere but God.  I love it.  I love my mission and I love being able to help ppl.  Its always an adventure!!!  Im so grateful for all I have.  Thank you for everyone that has helped me get to this point!! You da best!!
Elder Cornejo

Saying goodbye to everyone

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