Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 16

There is a baby here from my favorite family the lopez's and their baby's name is Arianna and she is so cute!  She's about 10 months old and she's all nice then she lets out this shrill scream that is so loud it knocks your socks off!  But I love em! It makes me miss Abby.  The mom made us this blueberry cheesecake this week so bomb!  Will is the dad.  He's about 26.  He's the one that had cancer and had the surgery.  We skyped at his house.  They are just the coolest family ever!!  He got made 2 counselor this week to our branch presidency, so I am so stoked about that and we have a new family that just moved into the branch!! It's amazing!  We actually had 50 people that attended sacrament meeting last week which was the blessing for the week!  Last week was hard!  No one really wanted to talk.  It was 95-100 degrees and we were on bikes.  It was sooo humid and hot!! Then yesterday it just downpoured!!  Everything got wet!!  We also had lots of bible bashers so that was awesome...  We have to drop all our investigators so its a start fresh!!   So yes we are continuing to try and get the branch involved but everything takes forever!!  So little miracle.  Last week we had a rental car so us and 2 other missionaries decided to drive to Baltimore!!  We had an awesome day.  As we were leaving we got stuck in traffic!  Then there were these 4 african american kids to the side all whispering and laughing.  Elder Smith who was in the front seat says hey guys whats up?  Then they stand up and one of the kids pics up a huge rock and chucks it at the car!!  We hear a loud thud and they all run...Couldn't  believe it and we couldn't move since we were stuck in traffic.  I get out to inspect the car and there is not a dent or nothin to be seen!  What!!! How is that possible?  Perks to being a missionary :) haha but k last story something tragic happened this week which it got me to thinking a lot...One of the hermanas in our district had a tragedy this week.  I've known her for the past 10 weeks and we see them everyday to correlate and what not but her boyfriend's family all died in a plane crash this week.  Crazy right!  Her bf didn't die cuz he is on a mission and his dad was apparently the bishop! so his whole family got wiped out.   I guess his little brother survived because he got thrown out the window and landed before it went up in flames. You can google the pics by typing in plane crash Missouri and it looks so bad.  She was telling her companion that one of the people she knew watched the whole thing happen and had to run to the plane and drag this guy out but the mom and dad burned in the plane...  You can probably google the pictures but this sister was a mess last week.  What are the chances that your bf's family dies in a private jet crash...  It made me think just how lucky I am to have people alive and well back at home no matter what happens out here on the mission, I just need to be grateful for what i have and what i am learning.  Its hard but life can be wonderful or terrible no matter how you look at it.  It's all in the perspective.  I love my mission.   I love speaking spanish and I love this Area.  I hope everyone has a great week and just try and help each other out.  Who knows just a smile may make a difference in someones life.
Elder Cornejo

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