Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 14

Crazy week!! Thank you to all for the Birthday wishes and Birthday cards.  I feel loved haha.  Yall are awesome!!  My birthday was super fun.  We got to wake up at 5 am and go play basketball in the church early.  Then do service.  Eat 3 dinners and a birthday cake!  IT was the best!!! Couldn't of asked for better.  The people here are so awesome.  You find about every type of person out here but it's good!!  This week we picked up 2 more investigators.  They are soo awesome!! The thing is we can only meet with them on Sundays because that is the only day they don't work.  They have a one year old daughter.  Her name is Tiffany and she is super cute. I had to save her life yesterday.  We were in talking with her parents and she was making a racket ,so the dad gave her his keys to play with.  She was having a good time and then when we were talking to the parents I felt like I needed to look to my right and when I did, the little girl was about to put her dads keys in an electricity outlet in the wall. Without thinking, I jumped across the room and grabbed her right before she could do it... I scared her out of her wits and the parents were scared too, but it better then having a dead baby... so scary but everything is good.  They are gonna buy wall plugs now ahha... Oh so on my bday we did service by helping this old couple move into their new appartment.  Well we moved this table in a it was super dirty on the bottom.  So one of the senior ladies starts spraying the bottom of the table with windex... well my comp and another elder are wiping it but it's not coming off so then the lady sprays and mixes the windex with kaboom... well the kaboom has bleach in it and my comp is like dying coughing and I'm like did she just spray that windex with kaboom!!?? What the heck you can't do that. That creates mustard gas!!  The lady says no that's just with ammonia.  She looks on the windex bottle and it says made with ammonia!  So my comp and the other guy had to get out of the house!  I was like are you kidding me?? Luckily it wasn't enough to create the real thing but I was like thank you mom for teaching me that haha and I guess chemistry too!! People!!  But it was a great week.  The couple gave us 32 dollars to go to mcdonalds.  We chowed down and had a mc stomach ache..  It was so funny cuz the first guy orders and he is like um can I have a large fry and a large chocolate shake... the guy is like sure... then Elder V orders and he I s like uhh can I have a large fry and a large chocolate shake... guy is like sure... my comp orders and says ummm can I have a larege fry.... and a large chocolate shake... I couldn't break the streak, so I of course had to order... yep that's right a large fry and a large chocolate shake... What could have been a 3 second order, lasted 5 min.  The people were sooo mad... it was sooo funny.  Man I wish I could tell you in person to convey the hilariousness of the situation.  So your task for the week! Go to Mc D's and order a Large fry and a chocolate shake one thing at a time!  See what they do!  Anyway We are having a great time here and some great experiences.  Going to Chick n Ruths today to hit up the 20 lb milkshake!! That's what's up! So stoked!!  Life is great, missionary work is awesome!  Sorry for no pics I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Love yall
Elllder Cornejo

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