Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 13

Transfers and a new Companion!!
So transfers were this week! So sad.  Had to say by to trunky ole Elder Riddle but he left me some sweet ties so that was awesome.  I felt like the little brother inheriting all the cool stuff when the big brother leaves for college.  I can't believe he is home!  And now my new comp leaves in 5 weeks!  Awesome... No the new guy is pretty cool too.  It's so different because they both do different things.  He has a great work ethic so that is nice.  It doesn't feel like he is even going to leave in 5 weeks.  We have really been trying to work with less actives this week.  The branch list is all messed up.  People don't live where they say they live.  We have names and no contact info. It's great... Pres Beltron asked my companion and I to give a talk in church this last sunday so I did it!!  Without any notes!  All in spanish!! I apologize to everyone that was there cuz it was pretty butchered but it was awesome! I actually gave a talk in spanish!!  What the heck, I can do that now? haha My new comp and I try and speak spanish all the time when we are outside the house so that's super chevere!  Milagres para este semana... we were walking down the street trying to find this place cuz now I am supposed to know where to go all the time and I couldn't find it on foot so I was like hey let's go check out the spanish tienda.  Inside this lady comes up to us and was a menos activo and was like ya I'm  a  member.  We had no contact info for her and she gave us all her info.  She was super nice!  It was a miracle!  She said she was gonna come to church but then didn't so that was sad but hey we got the info!  What else, oh so our Branch President's son came home this week early from his mission, I think he was sick or something, but then he helped pres to know that this work is for the members and missionaries to work together!! And president understood!  Finally!!!!  that's the best and now Carlos can come out with us!  Members are so important  in this work!!  It's the best! I am super excited to see how this branch will transform.  Last week we had 2 dinners and this week we have one almost everyday because the 25 members that we have are excited to invite people to come unto Christ.  I am so stoked!!!  It's gonna be great!  New transfer.  New comp.  Bring on the work!  I hope all you had a wonderful Memorial day.  Thank you to those for the birthday wishes.  I appologize for the lack of pics but we will get some more!  Enjoy life!  It's wonderful! 
Elder Cornejo

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