Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 15

At least I think it's week 15 -the days blend together!  This week was nuts!!!  So last week we were able to go to Chick n Ruths!  That Giant ice cream shake is awesome!  
We are finally getting our branch involved with member missionaries and trying to figure who was at church and who wasn't. So we have a stand up meeting now and they are calling the members and make sure they are ok.  It's fun.  It was a hard week.  Our old investigator didn't answer the door for us since herd aughter almost died, but oh well.. We picked up 2 new ones and are trying to work with the less actives.  Yesterday was nuts!  We go to one arm'd Juan's house and he takes my helmet and puts it on his hat on his head... he says I got your helmet in super slurred spanish... I'm like oh noo Juan! Have you been drinking!  He says no, but clearly he is just waisted... so he invites us in and starts talking slurred jibberish spanish and then asks if we want watermelon.  I'm like no, you're drunk, but my comp says sure! SO he gets up with this huge steak knife and I'm just like oh no.. and he starts chopping this giant watermelon on the kitchen table!  Watermelon is flying everywhere and there are cut marks in the table and I'm just like oh man... why did you tell him yes??  Then he gets a piece of watermelon and jumps on the chair which almost snaps underneath his weight.  We just start talking to him and he starts speaking nonsense... Yep that counts as a lesson! jk super funny but I'm suprised no one got hurt!  Then we met this bible basher!  Sweet!!!  He was trying to convince me of something dumb which was stupid and my comp says let's go... but I'm like hold on... So I totally probe him wrong and then he tells me half the bible was written by the devil and not true.... Alright if your gonna swear out of one book buddy, you can't backtrack... whatever... not gonna do that again!  
We had an exchange this week and I had to take over the area again and speak all in spanish.  It was hard but I could understand a lot, which was a plus! Way better than last time!  This elder is the district leader and he kind of gets on everyones nerves, so i decided to have him ride bikes and then I took him thru this super narrow street section.  From dirt biking I was used to riding fast in super tight corners, but he hardly ever rode bikes and when he was trying to keep up with me, he kept slamming into the wall!  He says he got beat up a bit but hey he'll be fine? hhaaha He had a blast!! Then we took this member out and did splits this week.  My comp got to go in the car with the elders quourm president and I got the bike with Carlos, the recently returned missionary.  He said he wanted to ride the bike even though it was pouring rain!!! I was like alright if you want to.. Well it was successful -We thought.  Then around 9:00, when we had to ride home 4 miles, it started pouring and then dogs got out and started chasing us. We almost died- not really, but the owner was there screaming at them and I was like oh man... then Carlos, said he could ride... but when we went down this hill, he was behind me and took a turn way too fast and wiped out. He tore a hole in his suit pants and got some road rash... dang it... well he said it was the most fun he has ever had!  I hope so! haha  Good week!  Lots of adventures!  Hope you all have a great week!!! 
Elder Cornejo

We went to Chick n ruths again and had to get the giant milkshake!!!!!! I love ice cream!! 6 pounds of pure joy!! 
Oh and we had a great time at ana's graduation party.
  Had such great authentic mexican food!  I love hispanics!!!

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