Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 84

Well this week has been extremely busy!  Probably the fasstest week of my mission!!  Time is going by way to fast.  So miracle of the week:
We were walking the streets in kind of a sketchy area..?  I say kind of because after living in Baltimore for so long nothing really seems sketchy... But ppl say that area was sketch.. IDK but anyway it was about 8:30 at night and we are just getting shut down everywhere,,.  This one lady opened her door but she was half dressed with only a towel so we couldnt go in.. That's happened to us 3 times this week!  Why would you answer the door??...Well we were just praying to see a miracle happen.. I said watch we are going to have an 8:59pmmiracle... So we get shut down a couple more times for the next 25 min and to no avail we slowly silk back to the car... There are 3 of us myself included and we almost are at our car when we at 8:59 i might add hear a voice from a nearby car!!!  There is a lady inside and she says, Are you the 3 missionaries that have come to give me a blessing tonight!!?  WE are like what in the world!!?  That neever happens... She says yes my sweet sister missionaries have been teaching me and I have been sick so they told me you would be able to give me a blessing... We said sure no problem!! So we give her the blessing and the spirit was suuper strong, so i asked her if she would come to church tomorrow.. She said she couldnt but the next week.  So we said ok well how did you feel during the blessing.. She said,.. I'm not really sure. A warmth a really good feeling!  We explained that was the spirit testifying what we have said is true.  She says she's felt it before but this time it was better!!!  So that was our 8:59miracle!! But it gets better.. So the 2 sister missionaries received a call that night from this lady and this lady gives them an account of what just happened from her perspective.. She tells the sister missionaries.. I received a blessing from your friends!!  At first i saw 6 of them in the distance.  They started to walk towards me.  I was a little scared.  But as they walked towards me 3 of the 6 disappeared... I knew that those 3 were angels and the 3 missionaries (meaning us) had angels with them!!!  That is how she new to call out to us and that we would be able to give her the blessing!!  She saw 3 angels walking beside us!!
That was such an amazing experience!!!
We'll we are teaching a spanish couple named carlos and Vir.  They are so awesome.  We are reading the book of mormon with them right now and praying that they will ask that it's true and recieve a witness!! They are soo awesome!!

We are also teaching someone named Larry.  He grew up in baltimore and has just had a hard life.  We are working with him now because he has set a goal to be baptized on Novemeber 25!  But i think he may be struggling with the word of wisdom so we are praying that all goes well! 

Well It's been an awesome week full of excitement and miracles.  I love this area so much.  These things are so true.  I hope you all have a great week1!
Elder Cornejo

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  1. Que bien!!# me alegra mucho elder conejo! Muchas experiencias bonitas y sobre todo guiados por el esperitu santo y el amor de nuestro padre celestial feliz y agradecida de haberle conocido. Saludos. Recuerdenos siempre 😘 Luciano y Diana