Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 85

Wow this week flew By!!  I am not even sure what happened this past week!  We finished up Zone Conferences.  So our zone conferences go from 8am to 4:30 pm and I am always the last person to instruct,  Well by that time everyone was kinda falling asleep, so in order to wake everyone up i decided to invite Elder Taviuni to try and get the Zone pumped up.  Well Elder Taviuni is from Tonga... And I had no idea what the HAwka was until he showed the entire zone and President Christiansen.  The Hawka is a football/rugby chant and it is sooo obnoxious and loud.,... after that the spirit was completely gone.... President was laughing so hard after the fact... he's never gonna let me live that one down....

The following zone conferece, I asked president at the beginning of my instruction, This zone seems pretty quiet president, what are we going to do about that.. he says, "well i dont know anything but the Hawka... I laughed and said, yeah that detracted from the spirit a little bit.  He repled yeah it only took a 3 hours for it to come back.. He was laughing.. oh man Im never going to forget that one!!  

Well we are working with Carlos and Viri, the hispanic couple.  They are getting married this friday!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!  And we are teaching them about the book of mormon.  Viri is waiting for an answer and she says when she gets one that is when she will believe... We are trying to help her to recognize the spirit and that she needs to "do" a couple of things but she says he is so much more open to the idea of baptism, which is soo cool because she was sooo closed off to the idea a year and a half ago when i was here with Elder Leavitt.  I just love this family so much.

We are also working with a guy named Larry.  He is so awesome but finds it hard to say no to people.  But he is awesome and we are working with him to try and help him quit smoking.  English work is such a new world.  I feel as though i am learning to be a new missionary again.  But the lord has something planned.  I really have had the best mission in the world!! 
Hope you have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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