Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 83

Sorry we had a crazy day!!!  I'll have to send some last minute zone pictures!  This Last week was amazing.. The weeks go by waay too fast!  The spirit is just so strong in every lesson we teach.  Each time we open the scriptures, I wish I could just freeze the moment in time.  We had the opportunity to do 2 exchanges this past week. Both were full of miracles!!  I got to drive all the way to Hancock Virginia so we could pick up a couple of the zone leaders and do an exchange.  Wednesday we had a halloween party with the ward and they wound up giving us about 60 left over hot dogs chilli and corn bread so you can imagine what we've been eating all week... I am getting soo fat!!  Then on thursday we had such an amazing lesson with carlos and Viri.  I was sooo excited!  She had told us that she didnt believe the book of mormon was true.  So we read a little bit with her and she said well the reason why i guess i dont believe the book of mormon is true is because I have never read it!  Then at the end of the lesson we invited her to pray.  She told us no.. We told her we didnt believe she knew how to pray... then she continued and she prayed!!! It was literally the first time she had ever had the confidence to pray.  She felt the spirit so strong too.  She recognized it as the spirit and it was such an amazing experience!!  They also have decided that they want to get married here in the next week!!! No way!! Miracles are happening all over!  I love it!!  After That we were soo excited!  But we have been so busy we havent had the opportunity to go back since.. It's soo hard to try and find that balance.  Friday came and I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Jeske!!  He is such a humble elder.  We wound up having 2 members coume out with us and found 4 new investigators to teach!  They are such awesome elders.  We helped their inv to recognize the spirit and instantly tears came to their eyes.  There is no doubt in my mind.  This Gospel is so true!!  So many amazing places and experiences.  I love the lord I love this church.  I love these people.  The spirit fills my whole body and it is great.  I am so thankful to be a missionary.  I love you all.  
Elder Cornejo

Oh and I completely forgot to mention we went to a Nigerian Church!!!!!!!!!!  It was absolutly crazy!!!  We walk in because we are teaching a pastor from nigheria and apparently he has been to israel and all over the world!  So we walk in and there is this african american woman just pounding on the drum set.  I do not know how it is withholding th blows.  Imagine this, there are about 3 people in the room the christian preacheret! then our inv from nigeria and a random guy waving his arm just mumbling words into a microphone There is a 98 year old women infront of us sitting down and it is just a slow beat... well Our nigerian preacher investigator asks us, hey do you know how to play the drums? Elder LEavitt says I do.. So he goes up there, re aranges the drum set and starts throwing down a beat.  Elder Ashby and I get tamboreans and we are just keeping up with the beat and singing and dancing for 2 hours!! Everyone starts going crazy!!!! The looved it!  More and more people are filing in and all of a sudden the 98 year old lady stands up!!! Then the preacher woment says hold on hold on I want yall to know a miracle just happened here a Miracles!! This 98 year old women just stood up!!!!!  I have never seen her do that!!  A MIRACLE just took place here!!!!  Then the 98 year old women turns around and says  Its because you you 3!!!!  I feel something different when you 3 are here!!!!!!!!  So then everyone just goes in an uproar!!!!  It was awesome!! We continue to sing and dance!!  Then when she preaches! she just gets soo pumped up and says I WANT YOU TO KNOWTODAY SOMEBODY's GONNA GET THEIR HEAD CHOPPED OFF.  TODAY SOMEBODY IS GOING TO GET STABBED BECAUSE OF THEIR CHRISTIAN BELIEF.  WE MUST GO INTO THE WORLLD A PREACH HIS GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After going crazy for about 30 min we say i'm sorry we have to leave... then we get called up infront of the whole congregation and she gives us a blessing!!!  She then "Dusts" the persecution off our body's..Then sends us on our way.  One of the most memorable experiences of my mission haha

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