Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 82

So i have had so many crazy fun experieces this last week!  Ah the spirit has been so strong and we are working super hard.  So last Monday since we are in a trio we had to buy crazy joggers and cat shirts and that is the reason for that bathroom picture.  Tuesday night  we had one of the most amazing lessons with our investigator part member family named carlos and Viri!!  Ok so get how crazy this is, June 2015 Elder Leavitt and I taught this family.  The day before I was intermediate transfered i asked elder leavitt after an amazing lesson with them, I said why am i here now.  I cannot speak spanish.  And they are some of the most amazing people i have met!!  Well now its a year later and the spanish branch gets disolved so now there is no branch here so the hispanics come to our ward!!  And with the ward boundaries they just happen to live in our ward  boundaries!!  SO now we get to teach them again!!!!!!  What are the odds of that.  And we had the most spiritual lesson with them and Viri finally understood why we need the priesthood and ordinances.  We resolved a couple of doubts.  The lord no doubt works in such amazing ways!!!  I am sooo excited to teach them.  So now we teach in engluish and spanish!!!!!1 

Thursday we had MLC and that is just the leadership of the mission gathering together which was a lot of fun, we got to help president lead out in counceling with the leaders on how to make the mission better and more effective. it was a really neat experience. that night it was bad, we get to the door and realize that we didn't have the house keys. no bueno. So my companion Elder Ashby is like dying, mucus is just giving him the worst headache of his life, Elder Leavitt is like going to pee his pants,  and after serving in baltimore for 9 months and being with elder scott get my wallet out and bust in after about 20 min...thank the heavens we did not lock the deadbolt. but the keys weren't in the house, they were left in the cup holder of the car.. yeah. it was all in vain. but so hilarious...

I did a team up with a district leader and his companion for a day in york also. so after the exchange, the 5 of us met up at a pizza buffet and had a contest. Elder ashby ate 19 pizzas and then I had to eat 20 pieces just to spite him. We always challenge each other by saying "you wont" and it just gets way insane! that night there was no toilet paper left in the house, the man on exchanges there used it ALL. how could you use 2 whole rolls? we will never know. but we had to go to the mission office and that is only 2 minutes away and so we just planned there that night to. well after we have these random balloons in our car, so one flies out as the door opens so Elder Ashby has to chase it down. As he runs to get it, Elder LEavitt Tells me to drive off.  The last thing i see is Elder Ashby sprinting after the car.  He almost caught up but it was to no avail.  We got back and it was probably the funniest thing of life.  AS you can tell we have a ton of fun but the miracles just keep coming.  We are teaching a lot of people and hope they will be at church next week.  I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Cornejo 

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