Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 38

Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!  new word of the week! when somthing surprises you say yo!!!!!
Wow I don't even know where to begin!  this week was soo full of awesome miricals!! :)   Last night we had such an amazing activity which was titled the Barra de hierro, which literaly means the iron rod, and there is a story in the book of mormon how that if we hold to the iron rod, we can see eternal life.  So we rapped rope around the church to the door handles which resembled the iron rod.  One end was where the ppl started aka birth and the other rope ended in the chaple "celestial kingdom" and so we blinfolded all thes people and told them here is your journey in life!  The goal was to hold to the iron rod until you made it to the end.  So they held onto the rod and we had ppl telling them to follow them (resembling devils) and others telling them to stay holding on the rod (angels)  Some ppl got confused and let go of the "rod" which was rope and the devils led them to the world know as "the world we live in"... while others that held on made it to the celestial kingdom... there they ate cookies and had a great time!  It was a great demonstration for everyone and everyone had a blast cuz some were in heaven and others where not and so the ones that went astray felt decieved and so it was a mini demonstration on what life actually is... Everything is symbolic!  I couldnt believe that some ppl let go of the rod even tho nefi, "god" had told them to hold onto the rod till the end, yet they still were tempted and let go because of our words... shows just how strong the pull of the world is!

This week ive really been trying to figure out what makes a person desire to be baptized and why.... We know that baptism is the gate to eternal life when done by priesthood authority which was given to joseph smith the prophet.  As i think more and more about it and the whole scheme of the world and all the many churches out there, all the different people and different beliefs, I have find myself sadden because of the lack of faith that humanity has in "God" and in "Man".  Each person has a different perspective of who god really is.  What is the secret to life.  Am i really making a difference.  And where am i really going to go after this life?  

As I think about the message that we share with each one of our investigators, I try to understand why it is not easy for them to see how i do when i am open to what they have to say.  The message that we share is the restoration of the gospel of Jesus christ.  I aske all my inv, what does that word restoration mean?  Just in worldly terms?  Well they answer me, restore means to make new.  Taking an old car for example and making it brand new!  So when i teach restoration of the gospel of jesus christ and say Joseph smith's name, automatically, people assume that we worship joseph smith.  They in turn are the ppl that have let go of the iron rod and are blind folded.  So we continue to explain about prophets of old, aka moses, noe, abraham, isach, all the prophets in the bible, great that is something we all can agree on!!, we get to the part of jesus christ establishing a church with priesthood authority (Mathew 10:1) jesus gives that authority to his apostles to teach preach and baptize... he gives 12 apostles, he is the prophet and gives the ppl the word of god.  aka thru revelation and the scriptures, all this he does so that we might hold onto the iron rod.  But what to the ppl do? they kill the prophets... So we lose the church christ establishes and many many churches form.. aka apostacy.... Logically if god loved us like he said he does and is the same yesterday today and forever, why wouldnt he call a new prophet??

So As i think and ponder a new prophet being called is really what separates us from all other churches and truths in the world.  I want to look at how joseph smith was called, he says that he had a vision, where he saw both god and jesus christ... Many ppl would say that is impossible.  If you believe in the bible you can read about Moses talking face to face with god (Exodus 33:11)... And then as Moses is being chastized for not doing as the lord has comanded, the lord says that he will call a prophet in a vision, face to face if your read it in spanish or mouth to mouth if read in english (Numbers 12:6-8)... so if god is the same today yesterday and forever and had prophets in the past to give his word, logically, how does it not make sense that he would call another prophet?

Now here is the overall question, did joseph smith really see god like he said he did?  Well we know that we can ask god and he will give unto us anything we ask in the name of jesus christ( John 14:14)  And how will we recieve an answer? By the power of the holy ghost ( 1corintheans 2:10-11) 10 But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.
 11 For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of Godknoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

So then after all is said and done that is the question we need to ask ourselves, was joseph smith called of god by seeing him face to face,  If that is true then everthing that comes after is true.  Baptism is the gate to etearnal life and so is receiving the gift of the holy ghost.  I testify that when i was baptised and recieved it i now understand so many more things because i have the gift of the holy ghost in all times and all places.  How cool is that!!  I just want to share this message with the world because i know that joseph smith saw god and once one can understand that, the windows of heaven are now opened and blessing pour from the heavens!  This message is so important because since joseph smith saw god we can live forever! and we understand why.  So pray ask god, he will answer, I promise.  And hold tight to the iron rod!  Hope you have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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