Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 9

Wazz up, 
I cannot believe another week has just flown by!!  I don't even remember what we did half the week!!  But I am doing great as the transfer goes on!  Spanish is coming!  So this week we had a lesson with Nixon and Myra.  They are this family we met on the street and then they were like come on over!  They made us atole and bought us pan dulce from the spanish tienda and we had a sweet lesson!  Well I tried! haha  My companion and them started having this crazy convo about what if Adam and Eve hadn't fallen.  So they were using crazy subjunctive, crazy hard spanish words and they were speaking so fast!!  I understood most of it! but then it was just nuts!!  When they had finished, I was like I know that todos is bien!  They just look at me and laugh.  They are like aww poor Elder Cornejo doesn't understand... I was like oh I gotcha but I'll work on the speaking part later! haha it was funny... Then another day we were walking by this house and we came across a couple that was just chillin on their front door step with the bottom part of the bbq and huge flames coming out of it in this little appartment complex.  We were like ohhh what!!!! that's sooo crazy. They were roasting marshmellows!  Just on their front lawn.  They were all- you want some?  Heck yes!!  So we wound up talking to them and it was pretty cool.  She works for the navy as a boat engineer or something like that.  They were willing to come to church so we will see what happens!  They speak English though, so we had to pass them over to the English speaking elders... bummer  Oh so I forgot to tell you, last week I had to give a talk in church, all in spanish!  Ya it was great, but I wrote it down so it wasn't too bad.  The members are all really nice.  As for Nectali, he is soo ready to join the church but he lives with his girl friend and she doesn't want to get married so he can't join the church yet.  That's our next goal. Who knew I would become a marriage councelor...perks to the mish.  Ok so last story, we met some awesome clowns this week.. it was so funny.  They may or may not have been drunk, but no matter!  They wanted to know what we were sellin, we told em Jesus! and one was all, oh you are dem mormons!  I dated one once, she was a clown!  No like a legit clown!  He's been in the clown buisness for 12 years.  We asked him his name and he did this crazy rap dance thing in spanish!  I wish I could describe to you the crazyness of the situation!!  I wish I coulda got a pic... maybe we'll see him again!  Good week and lots of fun!  Thanks for all the support from my family and friends to get me here and from the people I have met along the way.  Hope you all have a great week!!  Remember, members are the best way to invite their friends to come unto Christ,  missionaries can only do so much!  But it's good!  Have a great week
Elder Cornejo

Throw back to the MTC with the Carter face
Some awesome tacos we made
1st wedding last week.  The Lopez's got sealed!  She's a convert for 1 year too!

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