Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 8

What's up everyone?
I am sorry to all my teachers in the MTC because this will have to be in English, but don't worry I'm practicing my Spanish mucho!!  Well I have completed week 2 in the field.  I feel like I've been here a life time and have no idea what is going on in our lessons.  Ok I understand what's going on, but when I try and talk nothing comes out! haha  Or I tell our investigators that they need to live the ley de desyuno when of course I mean ayuno.  Of course they were super curious when they heard that haha.  So we live in beautiful Annapolis and have an apartment  complex that we tract most of the time.  The latinos are awesome, but most don't want to hear because there are sooo many churches here and they work all the time!  But the good news is they know who we are so they turn and run as soon as they see us coming... awesome... we have 1 progressing investigator and his name is Nectali.  He is super awesome but his wife does not want to get married yet they have a 3 year old boy named Anthony!  What the heck!  Not ready for a marriage /commitment?  Oh well such is life with the Espanols...  We seriously talk to everyone, but Spanish is super dificil and each culture has different words for stuff so its weird to try and get used to them.  So this weeks screw up with Spanish is that I told some guy that Jesus is here on the tarea instead of tierra which means he is here on the homework instead of on the earth... great... but people love us... it's super fun.  Oh this week I got made this soup that was super spicy, but it had fish in it.  Not just the good fish that you get in the store but this creepy looking fish with the scales and hard fins and the best part, its eye balls were staring up at us as we ate.  I felt like I was at Hogwarts or something.  Fish eyeballs taste soo nasty... my companion was smart and brought a bag to pack it all away in.  I just ate it... wasn't tooo bad... didn't get sick, so that was good!  Oh so I go to the same church as the coach from Meet the Mormons!  It's awesome!  He's like 6'4 and taller than I imagined.  He is a pretty cool guy.  Comes to church every week!  I shook his hand yesterday nbd... anyway, I'm learning the ways of the mission, got to set up the sound system for a wedding reception, so that was super awesome. So glad I got to be with speakers and a sub!!!!  They played so many good songs!  But we kept our missionary focus -no worries.  Some lady pulled me up to dance but I was like nooo sorry can't.  I so woulda if my comp didn't give me the death glare! haha 

  You would not believe how many churches are here!  Its ok tho because we are doing our best and people have agency.  If they wanna listen awesome!  If not, well then we will just play futbol/ soccer with them offer service, then be on our way.  The life of a missionary is awesome!  We have to make like all our own meals here which is cool, but I also try and eat healthy so it's pricy. It's such a good experience cuz it trains me how to live on a budget!  Mission is super good at making me want to dedicate my time and not having any extra!  My trainer kinda got me trunky the first week cuz he's like I'm goin home in 4 weeks and like everyone reminds us so it's like ugh!!!  But when he goes home I'll have like 15 transfers left weird! haha long but short... It's only a short time to serve the Lord and I'm super glad!  Just gotta learn Spanish then it will be more fun. Everything is in English, then I have to study in Spanish!  And I talk to people on the street in English but our lessons are in Spanish and it's like ugh!! Just need to know it!!  Sorry no pics this week!  Forgot my camera! All in all a great week.  So fun!

Elder Cornejo

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