Friday, April 17, 2015

Week 7

Ok so I appologize I am running way short on time today...  So I gonna try and write letters!!  Maryland is so beautiful!!  My companion is awesome!  He finishes his mission in 5 weeks. I am in one of the most beautiful places, my address is 
207 Victor Parkway Apt. H
and I am chillin in an apparrment for the next 5 weeks at least.  If I go to Baltimore that is the sketchy part.  Sisters aren't allowed there after dark!  But I wanna send pics too so I have to make this fast.  My comp is from san Diego.  He knows Carter Livingston!  They were neighbors when he lived down there, His name is Joe Riddle... So nuts, I never make connections!! haha  We go to church with one of the guys from the movie meet the mormons.  It's sweet.  We have a branch with 30 ppl so its super small but they are strong... gotta make it bigger. I can kinda speak spanish but my comp speakes most of it.  I said some pretty ridiculous  things this week and it was so funny.  We had a great week and that lady that sent you the pic was not our mission mom, it was a random lady we met in the resturant from texas.  She bought all the missionaries at the table our food and that huge milkshake!! 
I was soo tired last week!  Some of the things I said in spanish were were  This is the best food I've ever had... siempre!!! meaning always... woops.  I told our investigator he needs to live the law of desyuno instead of the ayuno which is the law of breakfast he was intrigued haha.  Oh and the first thing I taught in the field was the law of chastity so that was fun! hahahaha  I told a lady she was the best coina instead of cocinera which means she is the best kitchen haha. I played lots of bball soccer with the latinos and dodgeball so that was fun.  The people here love my last name which is hilarious.  I say oh I'm Elder Cornejo and they are like Elder Whhhaaa  Elder rabbit!!?  pretty funny.  But ya its a good time. I miss everyone a ton.   Anyway life is good, just need to focus on making the time go quicker... We have such an amazing ward and so many wonderful people.  I love Cali!!!  You can send stuff to the mission office address but otherwise you can send stuff to the address above.  I love you guys! Sorry if I'm forgetting stuff no time!
Elder Cornejo

Said bye to the district and our teachers.  So sad!!!  I miss them so much!!

My new companion 

Trip to the temple

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