Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 4

The weeks are just flying by here in Mexico!  It seems like I just got here, but it also seems like such a life time.  2 more weeks to go then I'm on my way to Maryland!!!!  I cant wait!!  I'm tired of being in a class room all day.  I love it here though.  Latinoes are crazy awesome!    There is so much organized chaos in the city you just can't help yourself to laugh and smile.  They party all night long here on the weekends. We are kind of in a valley and there is this huge stadium about a mile away, but they blast like this dubstep mariachi band all night long!!!!  It sounds like it is right outside your window!!  They play it until about 4 in the morning so loud that if I had earmuffs I could probably still hear it!!!!  Mexico knows how to party, but they don't know how to stop!! Then just as your about to sleep this big ole mac truck starts up and this is right outside our window.  It is so loud and it just sits there growling for 20 minutes!  By the time it leaves it's about 
5:30 am and you are like ahh finally I can sleep.  You close your eyes and before you know it, your 6:30 alarm rings....great... I love Mexico... But seriously if it wasn't so loud at night it would be awesome!!  You see crazy stuff there is this dog that chills on the roof and just stares out over the city for hours.
There are certain places in the city where you have to jump your car over a bridge to get to work!  And let's not forget the cuetes that blow up every 5 min!  They love bombs here. It is awesome!!!  Well we had a small earthquake this week and we all had to exit our classes and go to the street cuz the way Mexico is built the school would tumble down upon us if we stayed inside!!!  I love Mexico!! The machine guns are the best!  
I am doing super good!!  Gave a blessing to an Hermana in our district this week!!!  IT was sooo awesome!!  I felt so honored she would ask me for a blessing!!  I'm so stoked for Beau!!!  I love them!!  
Well spiritual experiences that happened this week... pretty similar but I recommend all to look up Elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon on you tube or  It is logical, it is spiritual and it is powerful.  It is about 2 minutes long but it is soooo amazing!! 2 minutes of your time to search it, that´s all I ask.  Anyway that's about it.   It is amazing the blessings we have and we don't even know it.  Just take a moment, think of all we have been given and thank Him.  For we are his work and his glory.  Have a great week!  I love you all!  

Elder Cornejo

Hermana Harston is heading out to washington this week.  She is on my left.  She drew sharpied a white tie for me to wear.  It is sick!!!

We got our sweet ties but after the devo it was soooooo hot!!!!! Then everyone in the auditorium was looking at us when we take this pic cus we are the last ones in the auditorium and there are like 50 ppl just starin at us cuz the guy didn't know how to use the camera!!  It was so hot with our suits!! Great times... hahaha
  Chillin wish our homie Estaban!! He made us horchata!!!  Like real mexican horchata!!  He is the coolest!!!
My buddy Johnson is leaving.  He got a sweet tie too but different hermanas drew it!  Everyone here is huge!!! Notice the spoon on my left shoulder... ya we spoon a lot here....  people walk around with spoons in their belt loops hahaha
Just chillin on the Monkey bars 

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