Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 2

So we literally live in a snow globe.  We watch the outskirts of Mexico and hear bombs go off all the time.  They are called cuertes and people use them to throw at people for fun!  They explode huge though so everyone has to run.  The teachers say it's fun!  hahaha  Also my teacher was telling me a story about how they get these giant bombs and roll them at people to scare them but they are just smoke bombs so it doesn't do anything.  They put them on the bus and all the people scatter haha... They love their fuegos artificials!!!  

This week I got pretty sick, like sicker than I have been in a long time,but I was blessed to be over it 90% within one day. .. I decided I need to eat tons of salad and tomatoes here to feel awake and healthy!!  

This week we watched an Elder Holland video when he gave a devotional in 2013 at the Provo mtc.  It is long but you should youtube it. 

 I love the Latinos here!!  They all talk so fast but this one calls me cumpeñero and screams that across the hall.  There is another one named Carlos Castillo that went to the boarding school here before it was the MTC.  I wonder if he knows David.  Carter what is Davids last name  --the one I stayed with when I came and saw you in Idaho?  And Carter ask David if he knows a Carlos Castillo or a Charlee Castio cuz that's what they called him!!!  Oh and Como friega is super slanging in mexico for annoyance.  The teachers here freak out when I say that and when I say no manchas! hahaha.  I love my teachers though.  They are so cool!!!  One of them calls me ese!!!! I'm all about that slang.  I'm sure they get annoyed with me but I'm becoming friends with all the cooks and the teachers.  All the Mexicans are so awesome!!!  I kinda wish I could stay in Mexico, but then again I cannot wait to get out of this giant snowglobe... We can't leave our little 90 acre square to go into the city, so I'm getting island fever!!  4 more weeks!!!  I can't believe it ... it seems like I've been here a life time.... 

I feel the spirit the most when I read the scripures... It amazes me because I have been reading thru all of 3rd Nephi this week and we I read it I don't know how people can't believe it.  There is so much prophesy in this gospel and so much truth.  The Lord just must be so saddened when people don't accept it...  I have come to the conclusion that you would have to discount the entire bible for the Book of Mormon not to be true.  I keep finding new things that support the Book of Mormon. In Mathew 5, Christ says "I come not to do away with prophets"!!!! Right there in Mathew !! I couldn't believe it.  This church is so true and we have it!!! So many people can't believe but its right there in the scriptures.... It also talks about how we should pray and Jesus is there teaching the people how to pray, but he says no vain repetitions...  I find these little things and It's like so clear to me and I just have this love for the scriptures.  No man could have made me believe in this gospel the way I do.  My answers come strictly from the Lord and if we have a sincere desire to know, we can ask Him and He has promised us that He will answer.  I love the Lord so much and miss my life at home, but hey 2 years is the blink of an eye in the sense of eternity.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Cornejo

Me studying when I was sick!!  I felt like death!!
A mural in the reception room
Me in front of our casa
The path we walk everyday with the city in the back
Weird lookin lego hand architectural  structures

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