Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 1!!!!!!

First off- I would love if anyone wanted to send letters to the MTC. We check the box everyday!!!  Just letters tho...  You can also use -pouch mail and I will get it a week. 

Wazzz up!!

So crazy stories for this week, not really any,  When we got to Mexico and on the bus, the bus driver was crazy!!!  Everyone who drives here is nuts!!!  I can't believe it.  I swear we almost crashed 50 times!!!  But when we get into the MTC it is so beautiful.  The air here sucks but the food is good, just doesn't make you feel that great. We watched the movie Testaments this week and it reminded me of Travis and how we watched it at his house!  I missed shake night so much this week!!!  I love the scriptures because they remind me of home.  And hearing Elder Hollands voice is the sweetest thing you can ever hear.  I never realized how amazing the conference speakers are and how powerful they speak.  I love them!!!  I wish I could just look them up all day long!  It is such a drastic change.  The language is crazy!!  We wake up at 6.30 and I am not kidding, you study, teach investigators all day long, non stop until 10.30 at night!  I have seriously never been so happy to be in bed in my life!!!  But when I get into bed, I can't sleep cuz spanish runs through my head constantly all night long... We are not allowed to leave the MTC except to go to the temple and idk when that will be.  You constantly hear sirens, gun shots, fireworks and horns all night long.  Saturday night was crazy!!!  But it is cool and I love it.  The air is terrible, so not really good to run in, but they have a weight room and an indoor basketball court and ping pong. So it's pretty cool when we get to play.  I love my district and my companion.  He is 23.  He is the district leader of our district, which is cool because he conducts all the meetings and I have to go to all the leadership meetings. So I get lots of experience.  Everyone looks up to him and us.  We find ourselves having to step up to be strong and help those that need it.  It helps with my own homesickness.  The spirit is allowing us to recieve the spanish language pretty well.  Yes we are terrible at sentance structure and conjugation, but our investigator understands us!!!!  She is a pretty easy investigator but the language is a huge barrior!!!  Yesterday, we taught Hermana Mercedes, our investigator, the first lesson and she was so happy and laughing with us!!  When we got there, she was so tired but while we were there, she got so excited!!!! I was trying to say - thru the atonement of Jesus Christ you can be forgiven of your sins but instead of sins i said pescado!! not pecado~!  which means fish haha. So she laughed so hard and started reeling in an imaginary fish!!  It was funny...she is so cool. But the hermanas in our district said she was so tired.  My companion said that oh our lesson was awesome!! The Hermana was so sad that she started crying and ran out of the room because the language is so hard!!!  My comp is kinda blunt and the gym helped me with working with women so it then became my job to comfort her and we felt bad.  It is a great district though and for the most part, we are so busy that it feels like I have been here for weeks!!!  but it will speed up.  Just need to get the language!  What is the best way to learn the language Carter and Shelby? and how do I get the sentence structure!! Cuz I can remember words, but sentence structure and conjugations are so hard.  I think I need to stop trying to directly translate words from english cuz that just doesn't work!  But how!! Anyway I miss everyone and I love you all.  Hope you have a great week!  Count just how many blessings you have because sadly when you don't have anything, it really makes you have an appreciation for the little things in life, such at conference talks... or music... or the scriptures!  Hasta luego

Elder Cornejo

The last pic is for carter. 

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