Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 3

Ok so this week went by pretty fast. We can't normally go out of the snow globe, but we did get to go to the temple today. So that was pretty awesome!!!  It's a 35 minute bus ride to the temple and the city is just crazy!!! Adam is lucky.  But I'd also be sketched out.  There are a bunch of cops with bullet proof vests and machine guns just patrolling the streets.  And there are so many people!!!.   I'm pretty excited to get out in the field tho.  We pretty much do the same thing here everyday but its good.  We are super busy and the weeks go by fast but the days go by super slow!!!  I am also super happy to serve the lord.  He is so great!!!  There are so many things and evidences that i didnt even know that make me think how is it possible no one wants to believe this!!!!  Oh and they call my companion Mr Incredible.  He is huge!! I hate it!! haha he is really like a military straight to the point military blunt kinda guy but we get along most of the time. 

  A lot of the people that I met here are leaving and it saddens me to see them go.  It's so nice to make friends but so weird that I won't see them till either after my mission or never again!!!  We practice teaching investigators everyday except Sunday and pday.  It's fun but hard because it is all in Spanish and I know the lessons and I try and follow the spirit but when you don't know a word, it can't just automatically pop in your head!!!  I've been trying to work out everyday.  So far so good.  I miss the gyms shakes!!!!  I need protein!! haha  but I guess I should be more focused on the work.  This Sunday the MTC president gave a sweet devotional!!!  We learned so much!!!  If you ever feel like you wanna give up you need to press on forward because before anything gets better, it has to get worse first.  And when you put your mind to something!!  everything is possible!!!  Just stick to it, with persistence.  Our president also talked about the power of sincere prayer and told us a couple of stories not to share with anyone but they were soooo awesome!!!!  Then he told us this crazy story about how he and his family had tredged miles to get to this ancient pyramid historical site through the rain and when the finally got there it just started dumping rain!!!  The guy at the gates said sorry the rain is too heavy you cannot enter the park.  Pres says ok well what if the rain stops.  They guy says no way the rain is never going to stop.  Pres says ok give it 15 min.  If the rain stops will you let us in.  The guy says yes but assures him that the rain is never going to stop.  So pres takes his family and says to God - God we have a big problem.  We just hiked many miles to get here and it is too rainy for entering the park.  He then thanked God for all his blessings and said please have the rain stop and specifically today.  The pres had to exersice great faith in God to ask of these things and he was sincere and specific.  Within 10 minutes the rain stopped!!!.  HE showed us pictures.  By the time they were done exploring the rain started back up again just as they were finishing!!!  But the Lord does answer sincere and specific prayers.  He then told us more examples even better ones which are too long to write, on how specific prayers can be answered.  Now some of this may seem far fetched but what is the harm by believing in this.  Jesus commands us to be as children when we are accepting his gospel but what does that even mean?  God cares about each one of us and knows each one of us by name.  Think of what children do when they are curious.  They ask questions, and when they receive an answer from their parents, they don't question it, they believe.  Why do they believe?  Because they have faith in their parents, that their parents wouldn't lie.  Why?  because if their parents never gave them any reason to question it, why would they?  It's not until their friends tell them that their parents are wrong, that they begin to question their parents motives and thus they grow up and lose faith.  But I can testify that if you ask God with a sincere desire to learn.  What does a sincere desire mean?  It means that you are willing to act upon the answer in which you receive from the Lord.  The Lord may not answer our prayers on our time, but he will answer them eventually.  Our job is just to be patient.  Jesus says, look and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  The Lord promises he will answer our prayers but first we need to trust him and truly seek his guidence.  He is there.  I know it.  I have felt it.  And I love him and would not be dedicating 2 years of my life to him if I hadn't.  This gospel is his true and ever lasting gospel, but in order to know that we must first trust and have faith in the Lord.  I love you all and miss you!!  Hope you have a great week!  

Elder Cornejo

I met Elder Holland in the temple today... not! 

Bentall is heading to Provo utah mission.  He loves basketball.  I wonder if Ryan will see him!!
It was a sad farewell to my friend Knuth!One of the 5 temples in the world where moroni holds the platesMy teacher was happy i took her picture haha  this is maria, the one we practice teach the lessons to!  she is so coolCops with bulletproof vests and machine guns!!!our district at the temple!!its super windy here!!!Our cold asac was flooded aboout 1.5 feet tall with the rain!!Most of our district at the temple!!!
and a couple of buddies hiding from the rain!!!  Rain here is crazy!!!

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