Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 86

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so grateful for soo many things.  Last Sunday we had call-outs, so we had to call all the missionaries and tell them where they were getting transferred too,  Then Tuesday, My companion Elder Leavitt finished his 2 years and went home thanksgiving morning.  I was super bummed to see him go.  Wednesday, we received the new missionaries, and chose who is going to train them and we slept for 2 hours that night.. Then had to be back to pick them up the next morning at 7.  We ran errands all day and stayed up all night Wednesday night with the departing missionaries, Elder Leavitt and his group.  I cant believe they all went home.  So Thursday morning at 3am we drove down their luggage in an enclosed trailer to the airport.  Well it had 26 departing missionaries luggage when we made it to the airport.  We drove and made it to the parking garage.  We drive slowly and the trailer smacks on the 8ft sign telling me the trailer is too big to fit in the parking garage.. Well i drive up to the garage and the trailer just barely fits inside.  I thought I was so awesome.  Well we drove thru the garage all the way to the top story where there is no roof over head.  Well we stay at the airport unload all the luggage and make a couple of trips back to pick up the rest of the missionaries.  Its finally 9am and all the missionaries are on planes to go home.  My companion and I are soo ready for bed.  Well as we are leaving the rooftop, we come down and as we are leaving the top of the trailer slams into the top of the parking garage!! Oh no!!!!  So we ask the guy if there is a different exit.  He says no... Shoot... The luggage had weighed the trailer down but without the luggage we were stuck! on the roof of the airport!!  So we decide to deflate the tires.. Still stuck... I was sooo bitter...Well we prayed and then all of a sudden a worker comes up and says, Are you stuck!?  We said yes. He says go try the other exit.. We werre like what?? So we did.  And we barely scraped thru!!! Even with the deflated tires.. We almost poped the tires.  I am so grateful they didnt pop!!  Then we get out and the air compressor is broken!!  So this guy comes hooks it up to a battery and the battery dies right as we finish filling the last tire.  Super thankful.. Well we went to the gas station to pump them up the rest of the way and i didnt have any cash!! So a guy comes up and gives us 50 cents and we fill up the rest of the tires just perfectly.  I was soo grateful...  I turned to my companion and said, wow this does not feel likes thanksgiving.  He then replied, are you kidding, I am the most thankful i have ever been in my life on thanksgiving.  It helped me to realize the true meaning of thanksgiving.  I was grateful for all the many blessings I received.  It really was such a wonderful day.  

As far as the area goes, We have been working so hard.  On the last day Elder LEavitt was here, we were able to put Viri on date for baptism!!!  After 4 years of living together, her and Carlos finally got married!!!  I am sooo happy!! Elder LEavitt and I taught them 1.5 years ago and she is so prepared now.  It is one of the greatest miracles i have seen on my mission.  So she set her date for the 24 of december which is actually christmas for the the hispanic culture,  You can see such a change in their life in the past week as they are keeping the commandments of the lord and are progressing towards baptism.  We have met a couple families from russia and cameroon.  I drank Kbass which is russian drink.  They assured me it didnt hav ealcohol in it but im not so sure... haha Anyway we have been experimenting soo many great things.  I am so grateful for all the many miracles that i have seen in my life.,  The lord is so real.  Have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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