Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 62

You won't believe the miracles we are seeing here in Baltimore.  Maria Isabel was able to be baptized yesterday!!!  At her baptism, a less active that we are working with was able to give a brief testimony on the importance of baptism.  After that, Alvin, who just recently was baptized a month prior gave the most powerful testimony I have ever seen or felt on the importance of the gift of the holy ghost.  His humility set an example for me which has been a continuous process, constantly trying to be more humble.  Maria and her entire family of non members was there.  We are working with them to try and help them follow her example.  Maria Isabel bore her testimony at the end and it was just so amazing to see how she didn't know a ton about the gospel but she new the Holy Ghost was there as it testified to her that she was clean and that the step she had made was one of the most important ones of her life.  Later that night she gave her testimony of why she joined the church infront of many other branches I had served in.  She has been such an example of how one can change their life.  We were just instruments in the hands of the lord and oh how amazing was it.  It was as if every slammed door, every rainy day, every crazy person that yelled at us, all the bad we had gone thru was worth it in those moments when she was baptized.  The reason I say that was because I was able to see first hand the happiness that had been brought into her life.  The hard times she went thru and now she really does have a clean slate.  I am soo grateful to be out here.  These 2 years will change my life.  I hope you all have a great week!

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