Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 44

This last week was the craziest week i've had ever on my mission!!!!! Good and bad!!  But i guess I will start with the good! jaja Jose wants to be baptized!!  President Christiansen is the coolest president ever! and I learned more this week than i ever have!!
Met the coolest Monks in the temple visitor center... Is that even allowed for them!??? hahaha
showing me how to make tortillas!! By hand!
Rudy and Saida cooking outside!

Dinner at the Venturas!!
Avelino and his famous kings pizza!! It's soo good!! Best Pizza in the world!!!
Elder de Leon tryin to do my face...

baptism of kevin!!  He is such a stud!!!!!!
took Jose to the temple!! He is gonna get baptized this Saturday!! He is a stud!
Who new there were camels in Maryland!!?

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