Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 41 & 42

No letter for Week 41 but we did find out he didn't get transferred and gets to stay in Franklin for Christmas. 

Week 42
Wow this week was so full of miracles!!!!!!  I wish i could explain all the wonderful things that happened this week, but there just isn't time and i know yall'd get bored! haha... So top 3!!
Kevin was supposed to get baptized last saturday but he drank coffee... awesome kevin.. yes we explained how important the word of wisdom is but he drank it 3 days before... And typically you should wait 10 days... So we called president and he gave us the decision to baptize him or to wait... Elder Honings and I prayed a lot... We felt like it would be such a wonderful experience for him if he waited to know just how important the word of wisdom is for his future!  So he will be baptized next sunday December 27!  He is sooo excited!!  

Rudy and Saida!!  Rudy wants to be married but doesn't know when!! Saida really wants to get married... We had such a sweet lesson with them thought.  Rudy felt the spirit so strong!  We told them, we have taught you everything, there isnt anything more to teach.. So we talked about marriage... before, Rudy was super against it... but now since he has been reading the book of mormon,  it has literally changed how he acts and his life for the better!  I would have never believed that a little book would have so much power... It is a testimony to me that this book,  the book of Mormon came from god.  There is no doubt...

Met another sweet guy his name is Franklin.  Franklin came to church last sunday!! Seriously!!  IT was sooo sweet!  And the questions he asked were soo inspired!! I love being able to be an instrument in the hands of the lord.  Franklin is so cool!!  He recently had an aunt pass away so now he wants to know what happened to her.  We are the message, but god is the teacher.  I do not think that is just limited to missionaries either.  Anyone can be the message... God will work thru us.  I feel weird talking like this sometimes, but to me god is not a religion... there will be no religion in heaven.  The things we teach are the truth.  The only truth because god is a god of order.  The reason why it is truth is because we have been given that authority to teach.  Without the authority, and might i add the same authority that Christ gave his disciples Matt 10:1.... we could not do these things.  There will be no religion in heaven... But it is important to be baptized here on this earth by the authority of god... God tells us no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of god... we being imperfect, how then can we live with him again.... By baptism by his authority and in and only though Jesus Christ... It is so logical, it is so spiritual and it is perfect.  We as his people and members are not but he is perfect.  

Commitment for this week.  I challenge each of you to ask him if this is his priesthood, if this is his authority and I promise you along side moroni that if you ask of these things in faith, in the name of jesus christ believing you will recieve, God promises us he will answer through the holy ghost!!  Try him.  He will always win!! haha
I love you all so very much.  I share these things because of the joy i feel and wish that you may feel as well.  Have a great week.  Merry Christmas.  And what a wonderful time of year to remember what Jesus Christ did for us.  Only through him may we live with god again.  I say that in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Elder Cornejo

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