Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 88

Ok this week was crazy!!!
Jasmin is going to be baptized this Saturday!!  I am soo excited for her.  She is extremely happy and you can just see the changes that she has made.  She wants this so bad.  It's so cool to see how the gospel has changed her life..  As well oh man we had so many miracles i dont know were to start...I guess i wont... haha
The overall thing i have learned this week.  The Atonement is so real.  It literally covers everything.  We, myself included have such a little understanding of the atonement...I thought I did, but was humbled really hard.  I've wanted for Carlos and Viri to be baptized.  We have done soo much for them, study, teach invite and they just arent comming to church.. Sadly, I was so frustrated with them.  I was ready to drop them, after a year and a half of contact with them, i was ready to drop them in an instant... Elder Ashby then came in and bore the most sincere testimony that i have ever heard in my life.  He talked about how much he has seen viri grow, how much of a testimony she already has and how well she is doing.. The testimony was the most pure testimony i have ever heard in my life, and it was all by the spirit... What was an almost hostile environment turned into the biggest learning experience of my life.  Our companions are so divinly picked since the foundation of the world.. I am just in aww at how perfect the people that come into our lives are so perfect for us to grow and learn.  This plan is so perfect.  I am grateful for all the experiences i have had and the lessons i have learned.  This life is all about progression.  I hope you have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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