Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 92

Well this last week was crazy!!!
Our investigator Ehtsham who had a baptismal date for the 21 of January got up and just moved to Pakistan!!?  We were like what on earth happened.. Now we cant even get in with him... So we have Keri and Tony and their family, but they just all of a sudden stopped talking to us.  Their member friend invited them over for dinner and then they called an hour before and cancelled on the member friend.. What in the world, that was on new years.  We haven't been able to have contact since... As well we found an investigator from russia,  She is russian orthodox,  She made us some delicious russian food and it was awesome,  We mentioned baptism and invited her to be baptized and with such a strong language barrier, she definatley took it the wrong way and told us she will never convert haha, but will all this crazyness, there is bound for something awesome to happen,  We met 2 wonderful part member families this week and they have soo many awesome questions!!!  I love it!!!  There are so many doubts they have and really they all stem from the mis understanding who god is.  We got a lot of questions on why god would permit people to be gay and go through such a big challenge in this life...As i thought about the doctrine behind the answer, the spirit said, they do not understand the god head.  Then as we listened, they listed so many doubts they had had about why their are so many churches as well as and pretty much why does god allow bad things to happen to good people.  The first lesson in preach my gospel is the restoration and that addresses all those concernes, but really the most important thing a person can do is ask god if he is really there, then when and i say when because he will answer, all the other doubts seem to just be resolved on their own.  As members of the church, we take for granted that we believe that god has a body of flesh and bone, but there are soo many people that don't know and all they have to do is ask, but they are scared for the answer.  I am so convinced that if we ask and are willing to keep his comandments, he is so ready to respond to us.  I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and all he has done to make this jourrney so much easier.  Hope you have a great week!
Elder Cornejo

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