Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 21

 So here is my last week.. 
So here I am, literally am in the best area ever! I have the most spiritual lesson ever, with the coolest less active family, by the way it was on how much God loves his children...  We have an investigator on date and one that has just started progressing and 2 more that have potential to progress... the members love us and are feeding us like 3 meals a day and I am just like this is sooo sweet!! I looove my mission!! Now I have an interview with the president! I got the coolest companion this is so fun.  Basketball for 3 hours last Prep day and now the next one is in 3 days life couldn't be better!! haha 
Then I go in for my interview and am so stoked to meet the new mish president again...cuz he sat in our district meeting a couple weeks ago... and we start talking about my ole comp in the mtc.  Then he starts telling me all these problems they've been having in Frederick MD... so I'm thinking why are you telling me this pres?? then he says we need you to go in there. Your new companion will be Elder Fisher and see if you can establish better relationships with the branch... I'm like ohh what?? I'm leaving?  I ask.. so when will this take affect.. he says tomorrow morning... I almost dropped... haha so we came Friday morning to Frederick and have been here fixing everything.... the apartment was trashed so we cleaned that for 5 hours... the area books haven't been updated since March and there is no contact info or addressed for anyone...  but I don't wanna go into all the details cuz I don't wanna talk bad but you get it that it has been a crazy last 3 days... The members... well there is always a lot of work to do but there are some Great members!! We had pancakes from this family and they were sooo bomb!! Apparently they feed us every sunday!! So it is gonna be soo sick!! I'm pumped and I got a sweet companion here!  We've literally made cookies for 4 familes now ahha and got some referals! So just getting that trust is what we are working on... It'll turn out great I think :)... and there is a gym here so im stoked!! And next Tuesday we need to go on exchanges since my comp is the district leader and I've literally been here 5 days by that time and have to know who I can go and see so I've been studying the area late into the night and early in the morning to find who lives where and what we can do to fix it! haha but its been super humbling and my companion is a great guy!  I miss Elder Leavitt in Columbia but I hope he has a great time... the guy that was here in Frederick went to Columbia "my area I came from" so he better work hard with elder Leavitt haha... anyway I am sooo stoked Quinn is going Spanish speaking to costa rica!?? that is insane!!! We will have to go visit him ;) haha anyway I gotta go, I'm out of time. Missions are so cool cuz they show you how to work hard and be efficient.  I noticed that our branch council talks for 2 hours but they talk only about the 5 calendar dates... we could go over that in 10 min... idk its such a good experience.  I love it ! Oh and my new address is 

Elder Cornejo

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