Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 48

Well it finally came.  I am serving in the heart of the Maryland Baltimore mission.  That's right,  Baltimore!!!  My new address is 24 N Linwood Ave, Baltimore MD and lemme just say it is going to be soo sweet!!  I literally feel like I am waking the streets of Mexico!  We have seen so much crazy stuff and also had soo many awesome miracles.  One we get to go to the temple to do a session on Thursday!  So I am really excited because this opportunity only comes once every 6 months.  I cannot believe it is my second time...  The mission is going by too fast.  My new companion is Elder Scott.  We went to mexico together when we couldn't speak Spanish a year ago and now we are companions again!  And we can teach and talk in Spanish!  It is like almost exactly a year later and pretty cool to see.  We are working on increasing our spirituality through obedience.  Let me just share a miracle that happened because of it.  
So we were walking one evening after having such a great miracle with teaching people.  It was really cool because we found 3 new people to teach!! So we were so excited but we were a little late to an appointment that we had scheduled.. well the appointment wasn't there so elder scott asks, what now? Let's visit a LA named Abinadi... so we pray and I feel like we should just call him so we do... He says oh I'm not home till Thursdaycome then... All of a sudden, this Moreno opens his door and pokes his head out... before I can even think of the words I say hey do you know any one who speaks Spanish around here?  He looks around and says uh yeah right next door... we try and talk to him and he closes the door... ok we might as well knock... So we do and this lady shouts quien es?  we say misioneros!  We start talking thru the closed door and then finally she opens it and lets us in.  She gives us Arepas (salvadorean style best thing of my life) then we start sharing a message about Jesus Christ... Well as we are setting up a return appointment she tells us, you know I was literally just cooking this food and feeling alone.  I started praying to god to please help me and when I had finished my prayer you knocked my door.  I know that you are representatives of Jesus Christ and it is by the Holy Spirit that you are here to share a message that I need.  MY comp and I turn to each other like whoa are you serious?

As we thought about all the steps it took to find her, I have no doubt in our mind that God is in this work and he wants us to teach his children.  As we are obedient to the commandments of god and thru our agency in choosing him, he really does bless us.  That was such an amazing experience and I just love the lord so much.  He is so good to us!  I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful week.
Elder Cornejo

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