Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 11

Happy Mothers Day!
Great week!  It was so wonderful being able to skype the family.  You really begin to appreciate the simple things in life when you don't use them anymore.  But this week was great.  The riots calmed down so we were able to get a big group of missionaries to go to Baltimore and help clean all the trash off the streets.  It was just sad.  There is trash everywhere... Huge rats like I am talking HUGE 5 lb rats run around!!  They are nuts!  We were cleaning up and we lifted this piece of trash and this giant rat rolls out.  All the girls started screaming, but it was dead, so that was good.  Then we needed to throw it away so our mission mom, Sister Richards, says, is there a shovel anyway.  I told her oh you just have to pick it up.  The look she gave me was like there is no way in heck, you are getting me within 10 ft of that thing! haha So I was like ok ok I'll do it.  Sister Richards daughter was there and she was like if you touch that rat we are sending you home!!! She's like 16.  So I pick it up by the tail and they all freak out.  It was heavy!! Sister Richards got a picture of it and I think she posts them on the mission blog if you google search the Maryland Baltimore mission blog, I'm sure it will come up!  But ya super nasty! So fun!  Smelled delicious!  What else, oh so this week, we went on exchanges!  First time taking over the area so that was cool.  I learned a lot!  I got a english speaking comp so he literally knew 0 spanish... awesome.  So I'm left to teach the lessons.  Had to rely on the spirit a ton and he helped me a lot.  Taught Nectali and he came to church this week. So that was awesome!!  He brought his 3 year old son but his girlfriend still doesn't want to come...After the lesson we get outside and have to walk to our next appointment and it starts raining.  Our next appointment is a mile away and the rain is crazy.  I am literally soaked to the bone!  My comp was so mad.  He's been out for 21 months, never got his scriptures wet and the first day he comes on an exchange, his scriptures get drenched!!  But it was a blessing because a less active named Juan let us in so we were able to teach him a lesson.  Big lesson story, I had to teach the restoration by myself this week on the exchange cuz it was in spanish.  Let me tell you, it was nuts!  Everything went nuts!! Right before I taught the first vison... I wound up teaching 5 people at once and everyone is just throwing down what if questions in Spanish, people are walking in and out of the house, phones are ringing, babies are crying, the mom is breastfeeding, it was nuts!  My comp that I'm on the exchange with is literally green cuz he can't handle the mom feeding her kid right next to us and all this is while I'm teaching, yet somehow it was still spiritual... Great week.  I love the mish.  Thank you for all the support from home!  Matt Whiting, I received your letter this week.  Thank you!  And Carolyn you are awesome! Thank you!!  I hope everyone has a great week!  Enjoy the time you have with those you love because we never know what can happen.  The gospel is real and it blesses lives.  I've seen it! I know it and I know God lives and speaks to those that ask Him today!  Have a great week! 
Elder Cornejo

Bee hunting with silly string. They have gaint bees in Baltimore
The harbor in Annapolis
  My comp and I chillin on the way to church

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